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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009


Although it has awesome freedom of movement, intense combat, and a pretty good storyline, PS3’s release of Infamous left me feeling unsure on how well I like the game…

Gamette Mina Rose by Image K.

Gamette Mina Rose by Image K.

The choice between good and evil is in your hands, and having such powerful moral choices is one of the reasons I had to check this game out. The glitches in it took me back to Assassin’s Creed (PS3, not the 360 version). The graphics are also inferior to a lot of next gen sandbox games. I do however think the storyline keeps enough interest that it’s not something to immediately trade into Gamestop before finishing it. The buggy visuals and gameplay glitches can’t quite live up to the excellent action, but it is terribly annoying.

It’s engrossing story with a variety of interesting characters definitely makes Infamous a game that I would definitely recommend renting, however I wouldn’t go purchase a new copy.

I give this game a BusyGamer Rating 3 out of 5. The fast pace gameplay makes up for the serious glitches, but not enough that I’m going crazy about it.

-Mina Rose

Mina Rose gets SIM-ulated.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

You may need to hire a home decorator.

You may need to hire a home decorator.

Mina Rose here! I’m excited to announce the release of The Sims 3! EA’s done it again, making the newest installation of the Sims one of the highest anticipated PC games to come out in a long time! This sequel takes place in the town of Sunset Valley. Yes, it’s only one town right now, but after you register your game, you can download the town Riverview. It also will have online interaction! Whoo!

Something I’m not too excited about is the Sims online store… The whole idea of paying money to buy my Sims couches, clothes, accessories, or game applications seems really silly. Of course, like all of the other games, I will be creating my own game content and putting it into my game. BUT if you really wanna know more about EA’s online Sims store, here’s what I’ve learned:

Mina Rose by Amina Munster

Gamette Mina Rose by Amina Munster

“To get you started, EA will give you 1,000 SimPoints in your account. You can purchase more SimPoints in 500-, 1,000-, and 2,000-point packages; 1,000 SimPoints costs $10, so basically think of it as 100 points as costing $1.”
The store will feature exclusive items made by the creators and development team. There are 5 sections, and I also read that you can shop in different ways. You can buy whole sets, different room sets, or items individually.

I just bought the game today, and haven’t had time to play it. I’ll be sure to write a follow up article, and post pictures of my character, as well as a video of me playing it.
For now, I’m outtie!

Yours cruelly,
Mina Rose

Street Fighter IV vs. The BusyGamer

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
Gamette Mina Rose goes a few rounds with SF IV!

Gamette Mina Rose goes a few rounds with SF IV!

Capcom’s brilliant, high-profile combat fighter continues after a long awaited return! I’ve been quite skeptical about its gameplay and how it holds up, but then after seeing all of its high ratings, I knew I had to get a copy! After playing it non-stop all weekend, it gets my approval. I’m impressed! It’s one of the most enjoyable fighting games I’ve played to date and the graphics are amazing as well!

It still has its 2D combat mode but all of the characters and fighting planes are 3D! Street Fighter IV kept all of the best components of the old school version but it’s definitely evolved for today’s gaming standards. It’s also approachable for newcomers, yet it still has all of the old references we’ve grown to love from nearly 20 years ago! When playing there are a lot of different ways to go about beating your opponent and a lot of tactic involved (if you choose).

Mina Rose - Gamette 2009

Mina Rose - Gamette 2009

You can fight with technique which is also something you’re rated on in the game. You have various gauge meters that go up, and can allow you to do special combo attacks. There’s the Super and Ultra meter. Once they hit their highest points and begin flashing, your character has a melee attack you can use. You can also ignore that and simply “button mash” to your heart’s content. It gets the job done as well. Whether or not you’re interest in technique, you’ll enjoy this game fully! I recommend it to everyone!

How does Street Fighter IV rate on the BusyGamer scale? Mina Rose gave it a 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading,
Mina Rose

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Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

GTA - Chinatown Wars 
Since I was little, I remember GTA being a major selling platform for the Gameboy way before Sony was able to get its hands on it. The new GTA: Chinatown Wars is making its way to the DS and I’m actually really interested to see what it’s going to offer. I’m curious as to how the touch screen is going to work for it and how hands-on this game will be.

It’s based in Liberty City (SURPRISE) and includes locations with which we’re all too familiar viewed from the classic top down camera angle. From what I’ve seen, the environments are a bit flat but the graphics look fairly decent. The good news is, from what I’ve gathered on it, that as enormous as the city is, you’ll never bump into one of those pesky load screens. Thanks, progressive game streaming! I’ve also read pedestrians have their own individual AI routines and when following them around you’ll be able observe them heading to and from work, eating hotdogs, and getting into fist fights with total strangers on the road. Sounds pretty cool but I’m still not thoroughly impressed.
As hinted by the title, it’s about Asian crime in Liberty City. Rival gangs fighting for turf control and all that good stuff.  Your character is Huang Lee, the son of a syndicate boss who dies during a Triad power struggle. As Huang,  you will navigate your way through the streets and uncover the truth behind an epic tale of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate. Controls are handled using the face buttons. X will let you enter or exit vehicles, B accelerates, Y reverses, and the right shoulder button locks up the handbrake to perform tight turns. The D pad is used to steer. When you’re on foot, the A button shoots your selected weapon (chosen by opening a submenu on the touch screen), which can also be fired while inside cars for drive-bys. The right shoulder button locks onto targets.
All in all, I can’t really base any opinions on the game until I’ve tried a demo or seen more videos on it. I’m very excited to hear more news on it and may just reserve it since I love my DS so much.

That’s all I have for now! Thanks for reading!

-Mina Rose