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Marvel Universe MMO to be “Free to Play”

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Gazillion Entertainment held an event in San Francisco this week and revealed a few tidbits on what we can be expecting from the new Marvel Universe MMO. “Free to Play” seemed a bit of a suprise to us, but with all the other power MMO’s (besides WoW) heading to free subscriptions (relying on in-game “microtransactions” only) this seems to be the safest route of attack for a game that has to compete with other hero games like NC Soft’s City of Heroes…anyhow here’s a few confirmed goodies.

What we know for sure:

  • Marvel Universe will be free-to-play, and was planned that way from its inception.
  • It’s being developed by Secret Identity, a sub-group of Gazillion that was formed in late 2009 specifically to build Marvel Universe.
  • You can play as Marvel characters, and other players can be the same hero as you at the same time, which the devs believe creates “lots of problems and lots of opportunities.”
  • You won’t have to choose only one character, but will be able to play as all of them.
  • Some of the characters you will play as are: Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Nova, and Squirrel Girl.
  • Doctor Doom will be the game’s main villain (at least at launch).
  • You will play through existing stories that are told in the comic books.
  • The game world exists within the canon Marvel Universe–this is not an alternate reality scenario.
  • Marvel Universe is being made primarily for adults (as opposed to Gazillion’s other kid-focused Marvel MMO, Marvel Superhero Squad). They want to target core gamers first, and also make it accessible for everyone else.
  • So does that mean I can’t make my own super hot hero chick that flys around in lingerie saving lives and kicking ass? Looks like it. /sadface


    Hulu Plus gets a date with Xbox Live

    Thursday, April 28th, 2011

    (Gamespot) – Though the Royal Wedding in the UK will dominate the airwaves on April 29, the day will also mark another significant event in the television realm. Following several days of rumors, Microsoft has confirmed that Hulu Plus will launch on Xbox Live starting tomorrow.

    To use Hulu Plus, gamers must be Xbox Live Gold members, at a cost of $60 a year, and also subscribe to Hulu Plus, which costs $10 per month. The service allows users to stream shows and select films from a range of networks, including NBC, Fox, ABC, FX, PBS, Bravo, SyFy, and the Sundance Channel. The free version of Hulu, available on PCs, only lets players watch the most recent episodes of select shows gratis.

    Hulu Plus joins such other services as Netflix and ESPN on Xbox Live, along with the Zune video marketplace, which allows for high-definition streaming of films and TV shows. Last November, Hulu Plus became available on the PlayStation Network, where it is accessible at no additional charge from Sony.

    Call of the Dead Bringing a Boatload of Awesome

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

    There’s not a lot I can say about this. There’s so much awesome in this clip that it says it all itself. Watch it and tell me I’m wrong.

    Call of the Dead Brings Quartet of Actors, New Story into Black Ops Zombie Mode

    The Wii on the Way Out & Another to Take Its Place?

    Monday, April 18th, 2011

    Over the last week, the Wii has been rumored to be heading on its way off the market. With all of the major first-party titles released on the Wii, this wouldn’t shock me. What shocks me is how quickly it might be moving out. Could Project Cafe be here by the holiday 2011 or early 2012?

    Last week according to CVG, a trusted source has said that Nintendo will cut the price of the Wii to May 15. With this announcement, Best Buy responded online by lowering the price temporarily to $169.99.Of course, Nintendo dodged the question when Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime replied to a few questions from CVG:


    Black Ops: The Chimney Grenade

    Monday, April 18th, 2011

    Careful where you toss your grenades troopers, this has to be one of the ‘unluckiest’ throws we’ve seen. Those aint gifts that Santa would be dropping down a chimney thats for sure.

    The Dangerzone: Fatty Learns How “Reality” Really Works

    Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

    Tim Danger and the BG Crew 2011

    (Before people get mad, let me remind you I already know I am a big dude, so I can say what I want.)

    So check this out…

    Ashley Kauffman and her friends were super stoked to get free front row tickets to see this ultra realistic show about real talent and hard work called “American Idol”.

    You know that show right? It’s all about helping struggling real musicians earn their way to their big break by hard work and songwriting (I’m being a satirical ass).

    Anyway… Ashley gets stopped by the staff and is told she is “too big, too heavy” to be in the front row and she was banished to the back row. Then when she tried to make her way to the 2nd row… she was stopped again and told she couldn’t be with the “skinny girls” and her spot was taken by two “super skinny girls” in little dresses.

    Ashley wants an apology from the show. She wants everyone to know how she was treated.

    Congratulations Ashley. Welcome to Hollywood, reality TV and all that jazz. You are the weakest link…. So what… you were selected to not be on camera because of your size. You’re a fan of the show, did you ever see any uglies up front? No… did you think this time was going to be different?

    Let me let you in on a little secret…

    American Idol= pop music. Pop music= Popular Music. Popular Music = spoon-fed crap.

    Did you for a second think that the show that is just a popularity contest and not a real singing contest and in no way scientific was going to let you taint their image by being in the front row? I dont know how to break it to you kid, but the entertainment industry that you love to follow is filled with this impossible standards regular people have been fighting for years, just because you have always been on the other side (the home audience) and have never experienced the rules and cut throat policies they have is really not Idol’s problem.

    The thing is, you probably won’t hear a response from them because IDOL knows this will blow over. They are a multi million dollar machine that cranks out pre made rock stars and they have weathered way bigger controversies than this one.

    We can’t blame IDOL, we have only ourselves to blame. I had a simliar situation in the ninties in South Padre Island when we went to the taping of MTV’s spring break. They said our mohawks and tattoos were not what MTV wanted to portray (but if we had shitty jock tribal tattoos that would be ok) So we scaled the wall anyway, I think some obscure one hit wonder was playing I don’t know… But you see it all the time… I mean look at any reality show, you never see the Bachelor picking a big one, or most magazines will have incredibly petite women plastered all over them.

    And before people start calling me mean or insensitive.. let me let you in on a little secret. I’m not a small man. Nope… I’m a beer swilling, steak eating, carb loadin’ son of a bitch and I love it. I am a large man, and I have become comfortable in the ogre’s body that the big guy upstairs saw it a laughing joke I should be with. And that’s fine, because I know, if I wanted to, I would diet, or make some drastic change and do it if I thought that would be something I wanted. But I don’t. I am not a member of the blue ribbon committee. I like to be reminded of my faults because the world is a cruel cold dark place, and none of us are sheltered forever.

    I don’t play pop music. I play real music. I don’t have pop fans. I have real fans. Being comfortable with my size has let me do ok in life, and in affairs in the heart. I don’t get every girl, but I do good, and the one I really like, well I’ll win her over with my boyish charm (aka awful disposition for life). The thing is, we punch our weight (ohh bad pun) we do what we can, and we dont petition to demand to be let into some club that won’t have us. Screw that club. We start our own and go for it.

    That’s reality. Welcome to the real world toots. Now shake it off and go live life.


    Kinect technology creates your own 3D action figure

    Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

    Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

    This “Be Your Own Souvenir!” was a project run in January in the Catalan capital that let people do their best super pose and have a 3D printer recreate their likeness into a small little figure.

    The computer takes pictures with three Kinect cameras while plugged into a network of programs that could take the person’s image in 3D, convert it into the necessary code and then have the 3D printer spit you out as your limited action figure.

    I would want to get myself done in a regular “cool guy” version, a limited “I was riding on the back of a girl and fell and broke my femur” version, and the ultra rare “drunk as a skunk with my pants on the ground” version.

    Attend any of our BG functions and you could get to see one of these three in person. No really.


    Meet our April Gamette, Lily

    Monday, April 11th, 2011

    Meet our April Gamette, Lily!

    We’re not the type of guys to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. We might make some recommendations about what games to play or what movies you might want to watch but we’d certainly never tell you specifically to do something.

    We’re changing that policy right now.

    We’re going to say that if you run across a woman who loves to WoW, dress up as a rogue in tight leathers,  has a healthy appetite for “teh sex”, watches sci-fi, and digs you, you latch on like a mynock on a high voltage power cable and you hold on tight. Seriously. If we find out you had a shot at a girl like that and you blew it, we’ll make a special trip to visit you and Crutchboy will punch you in the throat while you sleep.

    Fortunately for you, we happen to know such a woman exists. We’ve talked to her and everything. Unfortunately, she’s taken which means her husband won’t be getting throat punched in his sleep by the Reckon Crew. See, he has the girl and he can sleep soundly at night. Take notes.

    This is Lily, our April Gamette. Check out her videos on YouTube when you’re done partaking of her awesome pictorial and interview.

    Let’s just go ahead and get this one out of the way… We noticed that you called some of your photos “Nelf” shots. We’re certain that was a typo so we went ahead corrected it to “Belf”. You’re okay with that, right? RIGHT?!
    Lol. Well, it does seem that the majority of WoW entertainers are Horde. There seems to be very little representation for us Allies. I started out Alliance, and the majority of my toons are Allies, but I wanted to see what Hordies were like and have been playing a Troll Shaman lately. When I pvp on my Ally toons, I hate Hordies, but I assure you that when I am on my troll, I am hating those damn Allies.

    Okay, so maybe you’re not okay with that. So why would you break our heart and play Alliance?
    I had been going through a really hard time in my life. I was working way too hard, grumpy, and basically kinda hating life when one day “imma Be” came on the radio and I thought of “Imma Tree” for a wow parody. I decided I needed more fun in my life and I wanted to do something crazy and silly. So I decided, “What the Hell, I’m gonna do it”. I had so much fun making that video I just kept on going. I am still learning how to do all the things I want, but it has been one fun trip, lol.

    Read the full interview & see the complete pictorial with Lily here!

    Commodore 64 system sells out on day 1

    Friday, April 8th, 2011

    (LA Times) – The new Commodore 64 computer, first released in 1982, appears the same on the outside, but is much different beneath the surface.

    It’s still taupe and it’s still basically a big keyboard with a full working computer sitting beneath it, mouse and monitor aren’t included.

    But while it has its retro looks intact, it’s also quite new, with modern features even some of today’s computers (Apple, we’re looking at you) haven’t caught up to, such as HDMI outputs to connect to a HDTV and the option of a combination Blu-Ray and DVD player.

    “It looks just like the original Commodore 64, with even the old-style keyboard,” said Barry Altman, chief executive of Commodore USA, LLC, the company making the new all-in-one PCs. “In fact, that keyboard was the biggest accomplishment of all, so far. The keys look like a piece of clay that you pushed a marble into, so it fits your fingertip.”

    The price for the new Commodore 64 basic model is even the same as it was for a similar base unit in 1982, $595.

    Of course, with larger hard drives and that high-definition video Blu-Ray player, a new 64 can cost as much as $895. A $250 model will get a wanting consumer what amounts to just a Commodore 64 shell for those who want to add their own motherboard, DVD player and other innards.

    The new Commodore 64 went on sale on the company’s website for the first time Tuesday and sold out within about 24 hours, though Altman isn’t saying just how many have been produced to date.

    “We expected our audience to be the nostalgia crowd and that’s true, a lot of people buying them owned an original Commodore 64 back in the ’80s, like me,” he said. “But we’re also finding that there are young kids who are geek geniuses who have iPhones and iPads and things like that and they’re looking at this thing and they’re into it. They’ve actually been a big part of our customer base so far too. It’s been a surprise.”

    A second run is selling now, but won’t ship until about May or June, he said.

    “We’re having a hard-time keeping our online store up, because the servers are getting overloaded from the amount of traffic,” Altman said. “That’s been a bit of a surprise, too.”

    A surprise that he said reinforces his idea to bring back the Commodore brand, which is a passion project for the man who spent 25 years working in the satellite telecommunications industry, which is where he first ran into the small keyboard-box computers.

    “Almost 30 years ago, we were filing our paperwork and even payroll manually, we couldn’t afford the expensive IBM machines at the time,” Altman said. “And someone showed us a Commodore and it worked incredibly well to do what we needed to do and we used it for about five or six years and then we upgraded like everyone else, but I’ve always had a love in my heart for that product.”

    Just over a year ago, Altman formed Commodore USA LLC and licensed the rights to the Commodore trademark in September precisely to bring back the old box he had a passion for.

    The new Commodore 64 maintains the spirit of the old computers, he said.

    “It’s a good basic computer for work, for email, for multimedia use, for even basic gaming,” Altman said. “It’s more like a Mac Mini than a little netbook.”

    The new machines feature a dual-core Intel Atom 1.8GHz processor, a Nvidia Ion2 graphics chipset, and as much as 4GB of RAM and 1TB of memory. The units run on Ubuntu, an open-source operating system, but are also capable of running Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7.

    [Full Article at LA Times]

    Homeland Security, Security Warnings, Facebook, and Twitter

    Thursday, April 7th, 2011

    Yeah, there's no potential for misunderstandings here...

    One of the stories making its way around the web this morning is that of the Associated Press obtained a draft by the Homeland Security Department for a plan that would reduce the current five color terror alert system and replace it with only two levels of warnings, elevated and imminent.

    It would also allow for the use of Facebook and Twitter to relay terror warnings to the public.

    Does anyone else see problems with the last bit of this plan?

    The document itself is reportedly marked “For Official Use Only” and is dated April 1st. Taking that into consideration, it is possible (in my mind) that someone may have been pulling a fast one within the office. That’s my hope, at least, where the use of Facebook and Twitter are concerned in regards to relaying information or warnings to the public at large.

    There’s not only the potential for abuse by prank playing co-workers (as the graphic hints at) but there’s also the fact that many people have a hard time believing anything they may read on Twitter or Facebook as being actual fact. There are those of us who just assume anything related to world news via those mediums is a prank or someone trying to get a rise out of their friends.

    Plus, seriously, how do you actually go about getting fans or followers for a Homeland Security account?

    Gritskrieg – End of Line