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Alan Wake Uncovers Art And Writes Exposition

Friday, February 19th, 2010

"It was a beautiful place. I told myself I could rest here."

(VG247) It has been years since Alan Wake was first announced and now the official cover art has been revealed with the beginning of the game being leaked to the Internet. Though the cover art looks like a stereotypical scary movie poster, the artists give the right impression; making the consumer wonder what is in the dark. The writer for Alan Wake, Sam Lake, likes to believe there is actually a big screen release possibility for future stories involving the world of Alan.

Developed by Remedy Studios and published by Microsoft, the game is due out in late May; the 18th for the Americas and the 21st for Europe. We probably won’t see a demo until the beginning of May, but I’ll be looking forward to it.

From GameBlog.FR, the video leak reveals a few early spoilers for those who want to keep all the secrets under wraps but should be a good video to watch for those that are on the fence about the game. During the six minute video, Alan shows up to the creepy small town, Bright Falls, that is just waiting to reveal its inner demon. Ironic name for a town like this, eh? Watch the 5:42 leaked video below:

Get Your Drink on with Kratos at 7-Eleven

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Screw the Breakfast of Champions, I want the Drink of a Warrior!

Kratos has killed gods and now he is coming to conquer something a little closer to reality. Announced on the US Playstation Blog, Sony and 7-Eleven teamed up to provide you with the coolest Slurpee on the block. Kratos Fury will be available at your local 7-Eleven starting February 1st and ending March 31st. If this combination of blackberries and limes in a Slurpee isn’t epic enough, the cups will feature codes on them so you can redeem exclusive content! If you get the Kratos Fury, you can get a code for 7-Eleven armor. While you are there, pick up some Mountain Dew to get dynamic PS3 themes and Playstation Home shirts.

For all details on this event, stay tuned to and the Official Playstation Blog. God of War III is due out March 16th in the US, March 19th in Europe and 25th in Japan. Wait for February 11th for a new trailer to hit the Playstation Blog!

Between February 1st and March 31st, you can stop into any participating 7-Eleven store to quench your thirst with a one-of-a-kind fruit flavored Slurpee drink and pick up one (or more!) of four God of War III cups to collect Slurpee Nation rewards codes that can be redeemed at for exclusive God of War III and Slurpee-themed downloadable content.

Wii is King of Nintendo Consoles

Monday, February 1st, 2010


(IGN) Released in 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the king of all-consoles with sales. Today, history has been made and the NES has been knocked down to number two by one of its own: the Nintendo Wii. Though the system has the weakest software sales for a Nintendo console, the Wii itself has sold more than any other console ever. Iwata simply said in words that don’t really seem to be put together as I would say them:

It has replaced NES to become the best-selling Nintendo home videogame console of all time.

While it is the best-selling Nintendo console, it most definitely is not the best that the company has put out for entertainment value. Even the previous console, the Gamecube, had more games to offer to the American and Japanese markets. Now that Nintendo has hit this milestone, will it begin to focus on the software part of their business? They have a new Zelda and Metroid coming out within the next year and a half, but what about first-party series that haven’t been seen on a Nintendo console within the last few years? Castlevania?

Sony Steals GTA4 Content

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Coming to PS3 and PC - March 30th

Coming to the PS3 and PC, both downloadable episodes for Grand Theft auto that were once exclusive to the Xbox 360 only are now coming to computers and a Sony console. March 30th, they’ll both be available for the expensive price of $20 per episode or if you want to get the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, you can pick it up for $40.

Officially announced via @RockstarGames, Rockstar later posted an article on the official website putting this announcement into more detail. The Lost and the Damned, the first DLC, tells a the dark story of Johnny Klebitz with this biker gang. The story seemed to be weaved in with the original story of Niko Bellic. The Ballad of Gay Tony is lead by Luis Lopez, moving through the fast-paced nightclub lifestyle with a little bit of base-jumping on the side.

In an interview with Kotaku, Rockstar representative Sam Houser said this: “It’s been a long time coming, but we are proud to finally deliver Episodes From Liberty City for the PC and PlayStation 3. We appreciate the patience of our PlayStation 3 and PC fans worldwide, and we look forward to putting the games in your hands this March.”

Rockstar says there’ll be new activities that weren’t playable before, but the question arises: is this new content that isn’t available for the previous versions of the DLC or is it just new for the PS3 and PC? I guess we’ll have to wait for March 30th to find out.

The Perfect Game

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Baseball FTW!

From 2K games comes a deal that you truly can’t refuse if you are a baseball fan! There have only been 18 perfect games pitched since baseball has been started to be played. The most recent was pitched last year by Mark Buehrle. 2K Sports Marketing Vice President, Jason Argent, wants to celebrate and highlight the first person who will achieve a perfect game in their new iteration of the popular sports game series. The game is due out March 2nd.

“You don’t see too many perfect games thrown in MLB 2K, but we’ve seen it happen. Our goal is to celebrate and highlight Major League Baseball 2K10’s superior pitching and hitting mechanics this season, while also giving one of our loyal fans the thrilling opportunity to be rewarded with a lot of money.”

There are a few rules that you need to follow to be able to collect the million dollars. First, you need to play the game in MLB Today Mode. Second, you have to record the whole game. The rest will go down in history with Twin Galaxies and the Guinness Book of World Records. Read below for the full set of rules.


Crackdown 2, Heavy Rain & BFBC2 Getting Demos

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Demos, Betas and Game Testing; OH MY!

Before games come out, gamers like to test out a game so they can know if they are going to make their $60 purchase a worthy or not worthy choice. Back before this generation of gaming, we used to go to game stores to pick up demo discs but now we down load betas or demos directly to our consoles hard-drive.

DICE earlier this month announced a public PC beta for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but what about the console gamers? Unconfirmed, Game.Co.UK has created a rumor that there will be a demo coming out on February 4th for Xbox Live and Playstation Network. While the game’s original release date was December 31st 2009, the release month is March 2010.

Can this Cinematic Game become Greater than 'Indigo Prophecy'?

Back in 2005, one of the most cinematic games of all-time was released to the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. This game was Indigo Prophecy, but now the question lairs in possibly legacy:  can this cinematic game attain the mass audience that Indigo Prophecy was unable to achieve on a single platform?

Aimed for an European audience, Heavy Rain will continue the story of the Origami Killer but instead of continue previous character’s stories, Quantic Dream has brought the Origami Killer to new victims. Just announced today via, the demo will be released February 11st exclusively to the Playstation Network. While the game is released just two weeks later, this will be perfect timing to give gamers a proper teaser to the title. The game has already recieved a 9/10 review, and a sequel is doubtful.

Quantic Dreams will be relaunching their website a few days before the title is released to the masses. With this being the second title in the ‘Origami Killer’ universe, I have my doubts this will be the last game that you’ll see this infamous and mysterious villian. Until Heavy Rain is released, you can always get your fingers ready by going through the original title.


EA Sets Stage for World Domination With RISK: Factions for XBLA

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Now taking over the world through your Xbox 360s!

Being a fan of the original board game, I was extremely happy to hear about a RISK title being released for this current generation of consoles. Unfortunately, I remember as well the terrible iterations of electronic versions being put out on the PC during the 90′s and the PS2 version, Global Domination, that just drove me insane. Please EA, don’t screw up this version! (Press Release)

Globally Popular, Strategic Game of Conquest in Development for Xbox LIVE Arcade

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced that it is bringing Hasbro’s (NYSE:HAS) globally popular strategy game, RISK, to Xbox LIVE® Arcade (XBLA) in early 2010. Featuring outlandish factions, a unique art style, new gameplay twists and off-beat humor, RISK: Factions promises to challenge and captivate both new and seasoned RISK fans on their quest for world domination.

“For the past half-century, millions of RISK fans have been consumed with ruling the world, underscoring the board game’s enduring appeal,” said Chip Lange, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Hasbro Division. “We’re now going to bring that masterpiece experience to life and add other amazing layers of XBLA-style gameplay that will take conquests to a new level, including the ability to battle players from around the globe for the first time, truly giving new meaning to the phrase ‘world domination’.”


‘Reach’ing for New Details

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Are you ready to Reach for the next Halo title?

ODST came out last fall and blew away all fans of the favored Microsoft franchise, but that was last year; Halo: Reach is SO this year! Game Informer has a Reach as their cover game for their February magazine and now someone has gotten their copy so its time to see what the article brings to the table of new information and pictures.

Bungie has officially released information about the article in a forum that was posted on Exclusive to magazine readers? Not so much, but we’ll help spread all the new announcements and enhancements around. Depending on what kind of Halo player you are, you might be thrilled to hear that the spike and flame grenades have vanished from the playing field making the obviously dominant grenades, frag and plasma, the only grenades to find in Halo: Reach. Contrary to popular belief, Halo: Reach will not follow Fall of Reach’s storyline.

Like the idea of archaic battles with over 30 enemies in a combat situation? Well Bungie will take those 30 enemy AI and raise you 20 AI vehicles and another 10 enemies on screen at the same time. Epic battles AHOY! Speaking of epic, you’ll be able to battle your way through a revival of what seems to be a squad based remake of Halo: Combat Evolved. With marines looking similar to that of the marines in the original title and the health bar returning, this game will either finish the epicness of the Halo Franchise or project it into a new generation of Halo fans.


Gamers United 2009 – Donating Games For a Good Cause

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Rock On, Gamers

To get into the perfect holiday season mood, what better way than to donate to a great cause? Last Wednesday, I was invited to go to the Gamers United event in LA at the Custom Hotel. A list of gaming and nerd culture celebs were there which includes Carlos Ferro, who played Dom from the Gears of War franchise. With over 100 games donated to the UCLA Hospital for the youth recreational area, the event was a pure success and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

The event was all fun and games especially since I had to grab a couple of interviews from different voice artists. I grabbed interviews with Jeff Rector, Jennifer Hale, Greg Berger and Spike Spencer. Let’s jump into the funniest interview that I had: Spike Spencer


Jeff Rector and Spike Spencer

‘I did not f*** that sheep.’ Truly, the weirdest thing anyone has said to me to end an interview. With his latest work being Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, Spike always keep himself busy whether it be VO work for games or animation of different assortments. Spike claims that this new series is better than some of the stuff is on Adult Swim. I suggest that you all check the link to catch on the series. For those who are wondering what Spike is known for, he has VO’d as Hanataro Yamada from the anime: Bleach.


Mass Effect Movie Official?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

What will a movie do for the franchise?

(IMDB) – With almost no talk about the movie since September when the rights were purchased by Avi Arad, Mass Effect movie adaptation has received an IMDB page. Avi Arad, known for his cinema versions of Spider-man and Iron Man, has not confirmed which studio he plans on to film the movie with. While nothing is posted in the credits, there is one important piece of information: 2012. The movie is due out before the world is supposed to end.

With a Mass Effect movie on the way, is there something that fans of the series would like to see put into the film? Would you like it to be shot in live-action or be developed as an animation? Would Shepard be a male or female? Give your thoughts below!

Editors Note: And in light of this story, we ran across a new trailer featuring the stars of Mass Effect 2. Bioware is hitting hard with this one,  check it!