GTA took my blood away, my blood away, away from me..

Reports are saying that after the release of GTA expansion pack ‘The Lost and Damned’ that the amount of blood in the game is now being censored. writes:

While at this stage these reports are unconfirmed, the complaints are in essence the exact opposite of what’s happened in Australia. Seems that some gamers from some European countries – including the UK and Germany – who previously enjoyed versions of the game resplendent with hooker-focused camera angles and lavish amounts of arterial bloodspray, now find their copies of the game neutered.

So less blood? Less sprays, no pools or trails left of the carnage that you just created? Seems kind of off beat for RockStar to backtrack some of the amount of gore in the game, and I’m almost a little bit offended that they did.

See the above footage of some before and after video from a German gamer, their is definitely a marked amount of change from ‘GTAIV’ and ‘The Lost and the Damned’ DLC pack. It’s also being discussed in countless forums, and the Gamespot discussions seem to be the most currently informed.

So will we see a ‘more gore’ patch soon? Or will we have to carry on our merry murderous rampages without the splashes and spurts that we are so very used to from the GTA franchise?

I vote for a fix. How dare you moderate our late night free play mayhem.


-Crutchboy out

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