Adult film star Tera Patrick in new DLC.

Tera Patrick, your homie in Saints Row 2 DLC.

Tera Patrick, your new homie in Saints Row 2 DLC.

(G4TV) – The first downloadable content for open-world, urban sandbox game Saints Row 2 will be available April 16th on the 360 and PlayStation 3. Called Ultor Exposed, this is the first of three add-on packs that are coming for the homeboy-centric game. No word yet on details or release dates on the next two chapters of the game.

Ultor Exposed will feature three new missions, a competitive co-op “metagame,” new vehicles, new weapons and new maps. Also: The DLC will grant you a new homie. While we would have chosen legendary hip hop star Biz Markie to be our money-grip and/or homie, the smarter people at THQ picked pornographic actress and all-around sizzling hottie Tera Patrick as the player’s companion. Tera will come complete with a new car, The Temptress, described as “probably the most balanced performance car in Stilwater.” She will be on-call and available in all co-op missions.

The DLC’s competitive co-op mode allows players to cooperate and compete at the same time: You earn points for destruction while working together to complete missions. At the end, scores are tallied and one player is rewarded cash for having won. The single-player missions will last approximately two hours.

It might not be fair to always compare Saints Row to Grand Theft Auto; the two game franchises have obvious and much-discussed similarities, but with marked differences, as well. Saints Row has always been more about ridiculous fun, especially given the way GTA IV moved the series in a serious, almost somber direction. So tonally, this DLC will likely be very different from The Lost and Damned. But Rockstar have set the bar exceptionally high with their add-on. The Lost and Damned DLC is huge and fascinating — practically another game — and while we appreciate any addition to Saints Row 2, we gotta wonder how this content is going to stack up. We’ll see on April 16th when it comes out.

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