EA gets it’s knuckles dirty.

Bottle opener? Paperweight? Tooth Remover!

Bottle opener? Paperweight? Tooth Remover!

As we storm the conventions in Texas and beyond, the Busy Gamer Reckon Crew has a formidable reputation of throwing swag and promos at all of our readers and fanbase (well, primarily the Gamette’s fanbase). From our ever so popular beer koozies, to “chick” magnets starring our stunning gamettes, glossies of the girls, to happening gamer buttons for your punk rock denim jacket. What we havent thought of is tossing a few weapons with our logo screened all over it at our Busy Gamer Army. Great idea? If we were “made” men then I’d think so, as long as they were not our enemies anyhow.

With that in mind…

Some are saying Electronic Arts went a bit above and beyond their advertising limits by sending out a set of “brass knuckles” to their video game journalists with other goodies like a cigar, a silk hanky and a book of matches. This nifty grab bag was to promote the launch of EA’s new title, ‘Godfather II’, a Grand Theft Auto – style adventure based on the famous movie.

The item in question, the ‘big knucks’, are considered to be illegal in many states and can carry stiff penalities, thus making the people sending the weapon in the mail looking at possible criminal charges.

From what we hear, the publisher began a flurry of ‘hush-hush’ phone calls to arrange the return of the weapons, and of course EA declined to comment beyond expressing a desire to assist journalists in proper disposal of the items.

Wish we would of gotten a set. It’d have made a nice paperweight. Maybe they should of thought about that too.


-Crutchboy Out

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