Congrats… You Really Like Star Wars.

That's my phaser, AND I'm glad to see you

Thats my phaser, AND I'm glad to see you

In Nerd Land, there are basically two types of nerd. You got the “smart” nerds. These we will call Star Trek Fans… Then you have the “action” nerds. These we call Star Wars fans.

The two factions have never really gotten along. I mean sure, as a self proclaimed Star Wars fan, I have personally seen every Star Trek Movie and most of the episodes of any given Trek series. This is because I am a fan of Sci Fi in general and want to see the genre survive. But… if you were to ask me the age old question of which was better, I would have to side with Vader, the Jedis, and that hokey religion known as the Force…

So how does Director and all around badass J.J. Abrams make Star Trek, (which has historically failed to really produce in the past on the big screen as well as it’s competitor) cool? Why he uses Star Wars themes of course…

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:
Main Character James T. Kirk is shown as a farmboy who is feels he was destined to do something bigger than what he is doing now.. (stop me if you heard this one… answer LUKE SKYWALKER)

Exhibit B:
Kirk also displays characteristics of a rebellious scamp who just can’t follow rules (Answer: Wolverine!!! Uhhh. I mean HAN SOLO)

Exhibit C:
When we meet Scotty he has a sidekick… He is alien, we dont really understand him…. (answer: CHEWBACCA!)

Exhibit D:
Said Alien is also small and green (YODA your answer is!)

Exhibit E:
Main villain badass is alien with facial tattoos (Answer: I smell a little DARTH MAUL there)

Exhibit F:
Super Hottie Uhura doesn’t fall for the main character you think she will, but his later best friend (You don’t sense the Luke, Han, Leia triangle there?)

Exhibit G:
How about those best friends? Don’t Kirk and Spock share a little of that Han and Luke rivalry hmmmm? Never seen that before in a Trek Movie.

Exhibit H:
Iowa apparently is just like Mos Eisley. The drinks suck, there’s barfights, and random aliens all over the place.

I could go on, but you get my point. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is a lot of fun. It’s fun to watch, fun to hear these young actors repeat classic lines (“I’m giving her all she’s got Captain!”) But the next time you try defending the Trek in your next cafeteria debate over the holy Trilogy and Trek… remember J.J. did you guys a favor….

Congrats you really like Star Wars.

-T. Danger

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