Spielberg says were going virtual.



(EuroGamer) – Film director Steven Spielberg has said that traditional gaming platforms will cease to exist and that 3D gaming and virtual reality will be the “new platform for our gaming future”.

Speaking to The Guardian, Spielberg said that, just like the old “videogame parlours”, consoles and other gaming equipment will go “the way of the Dodo bird”.

“Now we’re all playing at home and someday we’ll be playing directly on our TV sets, bypassing all of the platforms,” he said.

The veteran director, who just finished work on his second Boom Blox game with EA, also talked about his expectations about the future.

“In the short term I would love to start seeing 3D games developed where with a good pair of glasses we get a real three-dimensional experience in front of an appropriate monitor that is designed just for 3D,” he said.

“And after that, will certainly be virtual reality, which just like 3D came and went in the 1950s, and now it’s here to stay in movies.

“I really think virtual reality, which experimentally came and went in the eighties, is going to be redeveloped, just like 3D is being redeveloped today, and that’s going to be the new platform for our gaming future.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Spielberg said he was “a PC game player more than anything else”, but said he also played on PS3 and Xbox 360.

“I get more into the microphysics of gaming, especially on the PC. I’m closer to the screen, I look for detail, I notice things more easily. The Wii platform which I adore is more of a macro experience, you know.”

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