Terminator Salvation…

You know, it’s got to be rough being John Conner. I mean, you’re just a guy who has the fate of the world in your hands, some people believe you, some people don’t. Big metal skeletons have been trying to kill you since before you were born, time travel has lost it’s luster, and you hate machines so much that XBOX 360 you got for your birthday must have really been a bummer.

So it’s the year 2018, you’ve been in the Human Resistance all your life, and you just discover that the evil robot army you have been fighting is harvesting humans for their new Terminator you have been warning your superiors about for years. To make matters worse, Skynet is now stalking your dad who you havent met yet because he’s still a punk kid, (so either mom is a cougar or it’s just a weird time travel thing again) and you meet the new Terminator prototype…

There is an error in the programming to the new Terminator though, and he wants to help you for a change. So now we have a post apocalyptic Bromance which is just a funny way of saying, geez this movie kicks @ss.

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the new Terminator movie. After seeing the third installment, I was sort of glad they hadn’t done one in a while, and I groaned audibly when I heard about this one. Turns out, I had nothing to fear, this is a fine crafted action movie. There are BIG robots, little robots, swimming robots, flying robots….etc. and they all want to KILL KILL KILL.

Christian Bale’s trademark acting (brooding quietly talking monotone and kicking butt) is not wasted, and while it won’t win any screenwriting awards, you know just what you are getting into… a good two hour escape from reality.

So now I have finally cracked the code to making me happy when I go see a movie…. I just need to have low expectations and let them suprise me.

-T. Danger

Posted By Timothy Danger

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