Apparently this is big news in Nerd Girl World…

Stopping bullets? She may need to toughen up.

Stopping bullets? She may need to toughen up.

Ever since 2008 when there was a viral hoax that portrayed a photoshopped Megan Fox in a Wonder Woman picture, there were people hoping and hinting that she would get the part in an upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Not me. While Ms. Fox has certain ASSetts to be sure, she just doesn’t have the chops to be the world’s most popular female superhero. I mean Wonder Woman is the Girl’s “superman”. She is an unofficial spokesperson for riot grrls and nerdy femmes the world over. She is a strong character and part of DC comics BIG THREE next to Superman and Batman. While I am certain that she could fill out the costume right, she just hasn’t proven herself to be worthy of the part. She even told FHM magazine that Wonder Woman was “Lame”. WTF?? Seriously? The only thing lame is that tattoo Megan has that spews some crap about a girl in love. If you think an invisible jet doesn’t make sense, please tell me what that stupid tattoo means.

Hope you chose wisely Archie.

Hope you chose wisely Archie.

In other news of nerdy girl world….

After 67 years Riverdale’s Archie actually picked Veronica the vixen over Betty the girl next door. (And you thought your boyfriend couldn’t commit… it took this cat over six decades! Buy your man a beer)

While everyone probably wanted to see Archie pick Blonde Betty as his bride to be, This Busygamer is happy to see he went with the exotic rich chick who looks like there is a lot of danger left in her. According to the comic’s publisher, they should tie the knot after they graduate college. Sounds like some people I know in real life….

Don’t’ do it Archie!

-T. Danger

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