Ghostbusters - Busy Gamer Score 4

Ghostbusters - Busy Gamer Score 4

First Glance:
It’s a video game based on the hilarious movies about finding and capturing ghosts and demons.

Short Story:
What was called the, “unofficial third movie” by some, an original story written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis that takes place in the early ninties, a few years after the events of Ghostbusters 2.

The Score:
This game had a great story to it, and the replay value is pretty high for me. Not to mention the online jobs you can do to earn extra cash and capture even more ghosts that are terrorizing the people of New York. I would give this game a solid 4. The gameplay is great as well as the cinematics. It’s an all around solid game.

Body of Review:
Since I was a little kid, I loved watching the Ghostbusters movies and cartoon T.V. show. The humor and the plot of the movies always kept me entertained. So naturally, when I heard that there was actually going to be a Ghostbusters video game, I was stoked! My only cocerns were that Atari, who published the game, would get some random people to write and voice the game. But I was wrong. The games features an original story written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, who wrote the first two movies, and that the voices of the Ghostbusters themselves would be none other than the original cast: Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson.

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The opening scene itself sticks true to the Ghostbuster franchise: a security guard walking through a dark museum is startled by a woman running through. As he chases after her, a strange burst of blue energy goes through New York and the guard is over come by something and the Ghostbusters music and logo kick in.

Now, on to the actual game. Unfortuantly, the initial career mode is only meant for one player, so no busting ghosts with your friends while playing through the story. Your character is a new recruit to the Ghostbusters team. To avoid any chances of growing close to you incase you quit from being afraid or you die while trying to catch a ghost, Peter Venckmen(Bill Murray) insists that your name remains unknown. He doesn’t talk much either, which I like because it kinda gives me the feeling that the new kid is sort of like Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise: doesn’t say much, but gets the job done.

The gameplay is increibly smooth. The camera angle is an over the shoulder thrid person view, similar to that of the recent Resident Evil releases. Your character goes into a first person view when you equip your PKE meter when you are looking for hidden ghosts or other paranormal items. The targeting is something you have to work on when you are trying to wrangle op some ghosts. There is no lock on targeting system, so as you are trying to wear down a ghost to where you can get them into a capture stream, they will continue to move around leaving you firing your proton stream at a wall destroying anything that may have been on it which can make things challenging.

Egon(Harold Ramis) has made some interesting changes to the proton packs as well. You now have four different types of blasters that you can chage accoringly to battle ghosts. You have your traditional proton blaster(don’t cross the streams), along with a shotgun style spray shot that is intended to slow down ghosts, a positively charged slime sprayer(Ghostbusters 2), and a rapid fire blaster similar to a machine gun. You can purchase upgrades for these weapons, as well as upgrades for your trap and PKE meter as well with the money you’ve made capturing ghosts.

The PKE meter can be used for many things. Not only can you detect hidding ghosts, but you can also scan ghosts and put them into the systems memory banks, sort of an encyclopedia of ghosts you can say. The same also goes for what are called, “artifacts.” These are items in each level that you can collect with the PKE meter. The meter also collects information about different substances found in the game.

The overall environment of the game is that of a Ghostbusters movie. Along with the orinigal cast and story, the game is also equiped with the original musical score from the movies, which was a big plus for me because I’m a music geek. The levels themselves are incredibly done. The Ghostbusters headquarters are down to a tee. Including the sound of the beloved receptionist Janine(who is voiced by Annie Potts). The headquarters offers some fun interactive points, including checking the answering machine which has some entertaining messages on it, as well as going down the pole whick sold Ray(Dan Aykroyd) to the place in the first place, to talking with the possessed portrait of Viggo the Carpaithian. Unfortunatley, you cannot drive the Ecto-1 in the game. The levels are incredibly done as well, from battling Mr. Stay Puft in Times Square, to fighting Slimer in the Sedwick Hotel, to fighting demons in a cemetery that pops up in central park. Each level is created with great detail.

There are a lot of familiar and new ghosts to take down as well. Of course, you take on Mr. Stay Puft and Slimer once again. You also learn much more about the Gray Lady(libraian ghost) that makes the story more and more interesting. Some new ghosts are the fisherman and black widow that preside in the Sedwick hotel as well as many other minor ghost that you take on through out the game.

The feeling of the game is that of the movie. As you walk through a hallway or room, random things will fly off the wall and crash down infront of you. As you walk into a room, items will be floating in the air and then suddenly fall to the floor. It keeps the surprise factor in as the movies did.

All in all, this was a great game, the replay value is high, and eventhough the game feels a little short,(I finished it in about 7 gameplay hours) it’s a great story. The only downside for me is that the career mode is only one player, but there is a multiplayer mode on X-Box Live, so you can team up and play with friends busting ghosts and earning some cash. There were little to no glitches in the game which was a big plus considering everything that goes on in the game.

I really look foward to playing this game again in the future and hopefully with some of you. Till next time.


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