Twitters give U.S. Military the Jitters


Citing security concerns, the Pentagon has ordered a review of the military’s use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The primary concern is not use of the sites but of potential holes that could expose the military’s digital backside to hackers.

While no ban has been issued by the Pentagon for the sites among military personnel, some branches and divisions, notably the Marines who have long prohibited social networking sites from being accessed while on duty, have done just that.  It was done in a proactive effort to restrict any security issues from arising. The Marines do, however, allow waivers for the use of the sites for “operational needs”, such as investigations and recruitment of new personnel.

William Lynn, the deputy defense secretary, has asked the Pentagon’s chief information officer to present not only a threat assessment for the potential security risks but also for official policy guidelines for the use of networking sites.

Lynn stated there would be policies in regards for the sites in place by the end of September. But  in regards to whether they should prove to be more of a risk than a boon, there is very little information on what actions might be taken to restrict personnel from the sites.

Personally, I’d like to know if a soldier ever Tweeted, “I’m in your base, killing your d00dz” while in the middle of combat.

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