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I woke up today with the phone ringing off the hook. I was unaware of the media bomb that had been dropped earlier in the morning. Disney is buying Marvel.

Wha? Hold the phone…

Immediately visions of kiddie shows, “Avenger Babies”, a Hanna Montana guest appearance, and a Jonas Brothers super hero team came into my head.

No way did I want the heroes I grew up on to be mixed up with this. I logged on to Twitter as the news was somewhat fresh to see artists and freelancers freaking out about the future of their work.

As the day wore on, more things came to light. Disney says it’s not going to touch Marvel much. They are going to let them continue to work on things as they had been much like the Pixar buyout.

(that is until the 3rd party licemse agreements expire)

The good news is, comics as a print form are slowly dying out. Disney has a hell of a media setup, and there movies havent been to shady either. This could be a good thing.

The only thing certain is that sooner or later, change is coming to the House of M. We can only hope for the best.

On another note, maybe they’ll let Peter and Mary Jane get back together… aren’t they big on “happily ever after”?

-T. Danger

Posted By Timothy Danger

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