Xbox Live Avatar Arcade

Hope they don't run on MS Points.

Hope they don't run on MS Points.

So what’s this all about? Pictures are showing up depicting a handful of Xbox Live Avatars standing at Atari-branded arcade cabinets, similar to the virtual game parlors in PlayStation Home, but instead of joysticks and buttons, the control panels on each of the cabinets have been replaced by Atari 2600 machines. All but one of the marquees on the cabinets are unreadable.

Not onlys is Atari on display in the Avatar arcade, banners hanging from the wall suggest that we may see other old school consoles like Intellivision, or hell who knows maybe even Colecovision. Intellivision games like Shark! Shark! and Star Strike will also be available for play in the Avatar arcade.

“Along the bottom of the screenshots are a series of nearly unreadable button prompts, apparently indicating that players will be able to customize their own arcades, change themes, and edit the machines which machines are in the room” says

Will this happen? Considering all of the signs out there, we are speculating ‘most likely’. That’s too much evidence to be a complete farce. It would be nice to see some more interactive options with our well so decked out Xbox Live Avatars, they are awesomely stylized and need some more functionality. Mine just waves at me when I log on. And I can tell he’s ‘itchin to get up on some ‘Pitfall’ action since I wont spend the 500MS points on that awesome Lightsaber he keeps pointing at. Maybe for Xmas, we’ll see.



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