Champions Online Free Play Weekend

Champions Online Free Play Weekend 10-31 to 11-02

Champions Online Free Play Weekend 10-31 to 11-02

Next weekend, if you haven’t bought your Halloween costume yet, whip you up a superhero suit on Champions Online and spend some time making the city streets a better place by paticipating in their free weekend play session.

From Friday October 30th to Monday November 2nd, Cryptic is opening up Champions Online to any and all who want to come try it out. Simply head over to the free play promo page, sign up for an account, download the client, and then start desiging your hero.

The free play weekend coincides with Champions ”Blood Moon” Halloween event, which introduces invading zombie hordes and the introduction of the new Celestial power set. The event begins for current subscribers on the 27th. Free players can play around with it once the weekend starts.

Since MMO’s are an ongoing monthy investment, anytime the free downloads and plays are available we’d say “hey your crazy not to give it a whirl”.


-BG Crew

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