Twas the night after All Hallow’s Eve…

Just when you thought Halloween was over and you could put your fears of an impending zombie attack to rest, the gang here at Busy Gamer gives you Jessica V., our latest Gamette, and a photo recap of her rooftop adventures.

Fortunately, Jessica was ready for the zombies and prevailed against the odds to make sure the rest of us could eat our candy stolen from unsuspecting Trick or Treaters in peace… At least, that’s how the Reckon Crew got their candy.  Maybe the rest of you got it another way.

One girl, some guns, and a bunch of zombie butt-kicking goodness along with the photos and questions to make it official, Jessica shows how to slay in style as a Busy Gamer Gamette.

Jessica V. locks and loads to fight off a zombie horde...

Jessica V. locks and loads to fight off a zombie horde...

What is your favorite guilty geeky pleasure?
My fav geeky guilty pleasure? I don’t think I feel guilty about any of my geeky pleasures!

What is your favorite game?
Oh there are so many! The God of War series, Resident Evil 4, Double Dragon. I guess if I had to pick one game to play forever though, it would be Final Fantasy VII. That game has every game and element in it already. RPG, racing, snowboarding, RTS water, outer space, a wild storyline and so much more!

See more from Jessica’s shoot and interview here.

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