Zombies Pass the Borderlands via DLC


(1UP) – Three weeks ago, gamers finally got their chance to shoot their way through Borderlands and already downloadable content has been announced a few days before launch.

This DLC bring players to Jakob’s Cove where players will discover the evident and scary fact that Dr. Ned has created a rotting army of monsters. Forcing players to mindlessly eliminate all zombies while helping Dr. Ned discover a cure for the virus, this mishap by the doctor has seemed to have created a horrible story but a great slaughter-fest.

Seeming to be a little late, Gearbox Software is releasing content of the undead: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Being released on November 24th, this DLC is going to bringing the family together in time to be thankful for awesome zombie action for Thanksgiving. This new content will include brand new quests, enemies and environments for players to wonder around taking out the recently revived.

Dropping officially on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the content has yet to be confirmed for the PC but I have a feeling that the PC version will be released before the zombies slip around the ice around the beginning of December. Instead of just hording through Left 4 Dead 2, get this content to grab some more loot to share with your buddies while giving the undead the pleasure of dying for a second time.

Posted By Viggo The Carp

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