The Busy Gamer Gamettes of 2009


We’re known for a few things on our site. Of course the main thing is our news and info for you guys… the busygamer. We know that you guys like the same things we do, because quite frankly you guys are a lot like us.

And since you’re like us… you must like girls a lot. I know we do. So much that I truly believe all of our convention parties, plane hopping, binge drinking, air hockey pwning, and assorted shenanigans on the road are spent in search of the perfect girl. We’ve met quite a few on our quest for ultimate nerd-dom, and we keep looking for more.

All our lives we were taught that chicks don’t dig guys like us. While that may have been true a few years ago, the one thing we have learned is that there are chicks that dig the same things we’re into… and they’re smokin’.

So we celebrate them. In our Gamettes. The Gamette has become one of our most popular attractions to the site. And despite what you may think, the main reason we have them on the site is to promote everything they stand for. We love women. I mean… seriously… and to find girls who are beautiful inside and out, that’s a treat.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at their profiles. In addition to being our queens of the month, they are all out breaking hearts and breaking heads in their prospective fields. It doesn’t matter if they are working in comic books, hosting internet shows, breaking into pro gaming, or modeling, these ladies kick our butts in a lot of things.

Being a Gamette isn’t easy. For one thing, we’re big jerks. In addition to being good ambassadors to our readers, these girls take the time to game, answer questionnaires, rep our site and their own personal ambitions, and be all around cool chicks at events and functions.

With the year ending, we take the time to look at the past year and all our awesome Gamettes 2009 brought us. Some wrote for us, some wrote TO us, some hung out with us at various functions and helped us push the site’s popularity. With that we take the time to say “thank you” with our annual GAMETTE OF THE YEAR contest. This is where YOU get to vote to make this happen.

If you are friends of any of these girls through social networking sites, you may see them soon posting bulletins and notices asking for your help. Help them. We are remaining unbiased here and leaving the votes up to you and the girls.

So who’s it gonna be lads?


Posted By Timothy Danger

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