Mass Effect 2: Stepping onto the Normandy

Gamespot released yesterday this video “12 Minutes of Mass Effect 2″ that highlights some of the new gameplay featured in Bioware’s 2010 sci-fi double disk release.

As seen in the reel, those of you familiar with the first game Mass Effect, will see some old and new places on the Normandy (your huge warship), new combat play, and what looks like a new ‘collecter’ feature not seen on its predecessor. We see in Shepherd’s private quarters a display area for ship models he can acquire, along with 2 wall aquariums where he can show off his latest catches. This will appeal to some of you hardcore explorers out there who like to unlock every item in the game.

Another very interesting detail is the new inventory system on the ship to view your weapons, and what looks to be some background info on your armory, some 3D imaging of the guns, and even new ways to customize your battle armor, on and off the ship including your casual wear.

Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC January 26, 2010 worldwide. No release for PS3 is currently noted.


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