Rawr! Rika brightens up your post “Singles Awareness Day” blues

Welcome XFX Girl 2.0 and Gamette Rika

We’re not sure how your Valentine’s Day went but we can say with some certainty that however it went, Rika Stead’s shoot is just the pick-me-up you might need to chase away the last of that post V-day depression you’re fighting.

Rika’s been writing for us for a while now (you can catch her posts here) and now we’re fortunate enough to have her join the lovely ranks of the Gamettes.  And if you haven’t been paying attention, Rika recently won the XFX Girl 2.0 contest and will spend the coming year serving as their spokesmodel.

We’ve welcomed Rika with open arms as a writer and now as a Gamette and we’re sure you loyal readers will do the same.  Be on the lookout for more from this very talented lady on this very site!

Here’s a few of the questions Rika answered for us:

Do you have any future aspirations to work in the gaming industry? And if so, what would you like your job to be?:
Are they accepting apps for the next Olivia Munn? :) There are a lot of gaming industry jobs I’d like to have and think I’d enjoy. In an absolutely ideal fantasy situation where i could pick whatever I want, I think I’d like to do concept art or character design. Or I’d love to continue on in the game journalism vein full time eventually.

Name the best game you’ve played and what made it so unbelievably awesome.:
Legend of Dragoon. The way it looked was awesome for the time, and I liked its stylization. The storyline was too intense for most novels and the ideas presented therein impacted the way I viewed things. The characters were well developed and I got attached to many of them and the gameplay appealed to me too- I liked its traditional RPG style but the combat system (involving targeted button presses to make bigger attacks) was a nice introduction of player skill without being distracting from the rest of the game. And I love the theme song from it.

If you were a video game, what genre would you fall under and why?:
I’d be an RPG with an epic storyline, and probably a surprising twist of another genre, because I’m pretty literary- always into stories and metaphors and words, but then I have some eclectic characteristics thrown in too.

You can catch the rest of Rika’s interview and her pictorial here.

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