Staple! Aftermath

Dena Deathwish poses with the Reckon Crew at the Staple! Pre-Party

The Reckon Crew made its way to the Monarch Convention Center in Austin, TX on Saturday to set up for Staple! and spirits were high. Joining us for her first event (hopefully of many) was Deathwish Dena who was the beauty to our beasts. The t-shirts were rolled, the table was set, and when the doors opened, we were off and running as Staple! 2010 got underway.

The majority of the day was spent giving our pitch, telling people what we do here at, showing off the merchandise while handing out the free swag, and taking a bit of time to get to know our neighbors. We also managed to make our way about the event to check out the artists present and say hello to some established favorites. And what event would be complete without us making a few purchases to add to our growing collections of memorabilia.

Throughout the day, we talked our fool heads off and if we were to judge the event by the amount of swag we gave away, it was a very successful day. We snapped photos, made fun of one another, and even repurposed Terry Parr’s portion of the table for an… unusual kind of Q&A. Fortunately, Terry and fellow artist Halo arrived and set up before we could alienate too many of the guests.

This was surprisingly popular...

Once the doors had closed and we had packed our wares away, it was time to grab a quick bite and make our way to the after party. Hosted at Shangri La on 6th Street, the artists wasted no time setting up and getting started on the pieces that would be sold in the charity auction. Once again, we braved the crowds to hand out some of the ever popular Reckon Crew Koozies to the attending audience and managed to clear out the last of our stash.

If you weren’t able to make it out this year, never fear. In one year’s time, Staple! 2011 will be upon us and you can bet real money on the fact that the Busy Gamer Reckon Crew will once again be in attendance. Our thanks once more to Chris “Uncle Staple” Nicholas for putting together another successful event and for being gracious enough to allow us to attend. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

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