Thirstee321 revs up!

We love a good story here at Busygamer. Nothing gets us revved up to cheer on fellow gamers like an up and coming gamer starting from the ground up trying to make a lot of waves.

Meet Jake Pfister, or Thirstee321 as he is known in his gamer circles. Thirstee321 is setting himself up to take a stab at being one of the Nation’s top up and coming gamers. This multi genre gamer has a big take no prisoners attitude and is ready to take this to the next level with a little Busygamer love at the same time. What’s the announcement? I guess we’re all going to find out Monday…

One thing is for certain… watching this announcement teaser video… spells woe to some upcoming opponents.

Follow up with more about Thirstee321 here at!

Posted By Timothy Danger

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