More than a possible sequel for Borderlands

Borderlands ready for Z-Day?

(Gamespot) – Just after the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Borderlands creator Gearbox Software filed a host of applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office to secure the rights to possible future game titles. Among these titles were “World War II Hero,” “Brothers In Arms War Hero,” “Modern War Hero,” and “War Hero.” Of the last, studio CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed to GameSpot that a game of that name was in development, but well “down the road.”

This week, one more of those “down the road” projects may have emerged, courtesy of a new trademark application that Gearbox has filed with the USPTO. The game name in question is “Z-Day,” and it carries the customary telltale description of “computer game software for personal computers and home video game consoles; motion picture films about action and adventure.”

Gearbox has yet to respond to requests for comment on the project. However, on the studio’s Web site, the developer currently has four in-development projects listed. Among these are Aliens: Colonial Marines, as well as three unnamed developments.

One of these untitled works is likely a sequel to its highly stylized double-platinum shooter Borderlands. Though a sequel has not yet been announced, Borderland’s critical and commercial success led creative director Mike Neumann to call a follow-up “a no-brainer” in November, and Take-Two has trumpeted the fact that it retains the “long-term publishing rights” to the franchise.

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