Red Dead Redemption will count your dead, and everyone elses.

Red Dead Redemption outlawas have done some very bad things, well in New Austin and Mexico that is. GameSpy has been collecting data from players of Rockstar Games’ hit Western and the results are amazing.

12.6 million characters trampled by horses. 5,600 cumulative years spent in virtual jail. In just a few weeks after launch. Remeber that cow murdering spree you did awhile back? Yeah they counted that too.

The stats were pulled from gamers networked to Rockstar’s website via Rockstar Social Club, in which you can easily sign up on your XboX in a matter of minutes.

GameSpy team told Kotaku that “the numbers pulled from Red Dead have continued to skyrocket. Gamers have logged 3.6 billion minutes in the game. GameSpy works with Red Dead’s creators at Rockstar Games to track more than 1000 statistics from each of the game’s players. The companies use the statistics not just to wow gamers with nice infographics but to track playing patterns and learn how their games, and the elements within them, are being experienced by players.”

Click to see the full stats in bloody glory!


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