Puttin’ the hammer down on THOR….

Great Odin's raven!

He may be the God of thunder… but he needs a new agent.
Marvel was really excited to release a picture for their upcoming THOR movie… which for the fist time showed Thor, Odin, and Loki in full costume. So when I clicked to look on it… I got… well…. this picture.

Don’t get me wrong… this looks fine… if I was going to see a movie called “X-men” (which by the way sucked) and I’m only tolerating it because The X-men are little more than a boy band of Superhero teams, and don’t try to sugarcoat it either… they guest in more comics than Jay-Z does songs two years ago. The movie always looked a little cheesy. I always just blamed the fact that Marvel sold their rights away to another movie house and that’s why X-men looked like… well… crap. I mean, I guess if I liked my superheroes in generic sportcycle leather hugging outfits with no personality it would be fine… but c’mon man… I READ comics… I’m not Joe Dumbass. (Right now Wolverine fans are fluffing up their muttonchops to write me a bunch of hate mail… feel free suckers..)

So where was I? Oh right… so now Marvel comes and puts out Iron Man.. which was amazing.. and it looks like things are going ok. Then they put out The Incredible Hulk… which was a little lacking, but still not too bad… then they put out Iron Man 2 which was like that girl in high school… just a big tease, all hype and no follow through. So Marvel has slowly been letting me down….

Then THIS picture comes out. And instead of a cool movie about a Thunder God living among mortals… I have visions of… Well Odin with a golden eyepatch (that better be real bling.. he’s freakin Odin) and a suit of armor that looks… plastic.

Sure it’s only a picture. I know I may be overreacting, but c’mon… you can’t tell me from this picture alone, this looks to be on par with Iron Man.

Posted By Timothy Danger

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