Gamette Katrina Hill aka Action Flick Chick

Katrina Hill by Jim Brown

Katrina Hill by Jim Brown

We love our movies as much as we love our video games. Since the inception of the site, we’ve tried to show that there are ladies out there with as much love for the geek subculture as any guy might have for it. With one peek at her site, it’s easy to see that Katrina Hill (aka Action Flick Chick) might give us a run for our money when it comes to movies, especially the action genre (ya know, in case you didn’t pick up on that from her nickname).

So when someone suggested that AFC should be a Gamette, it seemed like the only thing to do was see if she was interested and try setting something up. Kat agreed and now you can all see for yourselves that there are women out there who’d rather split some popcorn with you while watching kung fu and explosions on the big screen rather than some dumb movie about a love story that happens on some doomed boat. Hint: It hits an iceberg and sinks.

It is our honor and pleasure to present the original Action Flick Chick, Katrina Hill, as our first December Gamette. By the end of the pictorial, in her own words, you’ll have been kicked in the ass by Action Flick Chick.

You get to pick which apocalypse you’re a survivor of: Zombie, Nuclear, or Fuzzy Kitten. Now tell us why you’d prefer that particular apocalypse, unless it’s the Fuzzy Kitten one at which point we’re going to have to demand you turn in your License to Kick Ass.
Hey! DO NOT underestimate the power of an army of fuzzy kittens! They are only cute for a second…right before they laugh and scratch out your eyes. And, I dare you to try to take my License to Kick Ass. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers .

Why is Tremors your favorite movie?

Tremors has everything: Action, horror, suspense, the film is really funny, has loveable characters, great cast, no CGI, those are real Graboids, and it’s a fun concept. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to Tremors for me as well. I’ve been watching it since I was little. My brothers and I would have the best time jumping around on the living room furniture so that we didn’t get eaten by the Graboids!

Who wins in a fist fight, Corbin Dallas or John McClane?
John McClane! He has been in at least 4 large scale terrorist situations and has taken them down each time. McClane also has more experience with fist fights than Corbin Dallas, who tended to stick with guns. I mean, McClane had to fist-fight Maggie Q! Yeowch!

What one big thing or combination of little things can kill an action movie?
Ridiculous looking CGI.

You’re playing yourself in an action movie. Who’s your leading man and why? I know it’s tempting to say me with my mental flirting but let’s give the other guys a shot.
Well, if I can’t choose you, then I’ll go with Tony Jaa. Wait, Sylvester Stallone…No! Jason Statham! Bruce Willis! Hell, I want them all in my movie!

Read the full interview & see the complete pictorial with Katrina Hill here!

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