Gamette of the Year 2010! Let the voting begin!

The gorgeous Hailey Bright, Gamette of the Year '09

That time of year has rolled around once again. While you’re out shopping for stupid things like gifts for your family, we here at Busy Gamer are hard at work making certain another year of lovely geek ladies is all lined up for our readers. We’re also setting up our Annual Busy Gamer Gamette of the Year contest.

We’ve seen a lot of lovely nerd girls grace our site this year and it’s time to see who our readers want to represent the Gamettes for 2011. We’re certain you all have your favorites and now it’s time to show it. It’s hard to believe we’ll be crowning our third lovely lady this year and we’re going to give you the chance to be a part of it.

The rules and contest length will be a bit different from the previous two years. To begin, the contest will run from 12:01AM CST December 15th, 2010 till 11:59PM CST January 15th, 2011. And this time out, we won’t be limiting our readers to one vote for the entire contest… you’ll be able to vote for your favorite lovely lady once a week, every week for the entire length of the contest.

We’ll still be reviewing the votes for anything hinky so don’t go getting any ideas about how you might rig the contest for your favorite Gamette. If we learned anything from Red Dead Redemption, it was how to keep it honest. Fortunately for our readers (and most likely ourselves), we haven’t been able to procure a six shooter. We applaud your enthusiasm but by keeping the contest honest, we’ll applaud your enthusiasm *and* your honesty.

The list this year is a bit shorter than in years’ past and some of you have mentioned it. Unfortunately, we had scheduling conflicts and a number of false starts on our part over the past year. Don’t worry, though… we’ll be making up for it in the coming year and we know you’ll be able to forgive us once we do. As always, we’ll be looking high and low for the ladies who love us and all the things that make us geeks.

For now, however, take a few minutes to make your voice heard by heading over to the voting site and casting a vote for one of our lovely, nerdy, geeky Gamettes.

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