Tomorrow (Saturday) will be your LAST CHANCE!

Elly, our first Gamette and Gamette of the Year 2008

It’s almost that time again. The polls for our Gamette of the Year 2010 contest will be closing tomorrow night at midnight CST. That means if you don’t take the chance to vote now, you’re not going to be counted among all the loyal fans and supporters that have been showing love for their favorite Gamette of this past year. That would make us sad because it would mean you’re a horrible person that no one loves and you don’t want that, do you?

Once the polls close, the tallies will be verified, finalized, re-tallied, and we’ll post up the results and announce our Gamette of the Year on Monday, January 16th. That’s this coming Monday for those of you with an innate fear of calendars and/or day planners.

We’ve seen an amazing response from the supporters of the lovely ladies and I have a feeling that the race will be right up until the end. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to show their support for this contest and the ladies involved and we look forward to bringing you more geeky/nerdy girls this year.

Again, if you haven’t voted, take the couple of minutes necessary to cast your vote. There’s no sign in required so you can click and go. Just don’t try to tip the scales all on your lonesome. It makes us grouchy and you wouldn’t want to see us grouchy.

Check us out again on Monday when we announce our winner of the Gamette of the Year 2010 contest!

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