TGS Still Alive And Kicking

Tokyo Game Show still a go!

After the 9.0 earthquake with following tsunami, Japan has been hit with the worst natural disaster in its recorded history. Rumors have popped up saying that the Tokyo Game Show will be cancelled, but according to the CESA all these rumors are false:

Currently, we are not thinking of canceling or making the show smaller.

That doesn’t mean plans won’t change in the future, though.

Depending on the situation from here on out, it is possible that the show is reduced.

According to these quotes received by Kotaku Japan, the CESA doesn’t see any change coming for the fall gaming conference that wasn’t expected. Last TGS, many American video game journalists have deemed TGS an unnecessary gaming conference. Hopefully, this year’s conference will prove that we were wrong.

Posted By Viggo The Carp

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