Amber Alert! - Representing since 2007

Amber Alert! - Representing since 2007

 Busy Gamette inquiries & requirements:

  • New applicants must be above the age of 18.
  • Must have some interest in the video game/”nerd” culture. This may include comic book fans, cosplayers, sci fi and/or fantasy enthusiasts.
  • Good sense of confidence and strong self representation skills.
  • Limited amounts of modelling experience required since applicants will be representing a product for, ie. T-Shirts and/or other swag.
  • Applicants that have writing experience and willing to do game or tech reviews is a major plus! This will make you much more than just a pretty face with

Interested parties should respond with a brief bio, including interests, events regularly attended (cons, etc.), recent photo(s), and any links to modeling portfolios.

Email - we’d love to hear from you.

-Busy Gamer Reckon Crew


Are the Gamettes a gaming team for Busy Gamer?

No, the Gamettes represent as avid gamers, techies, cosplayers and site models. We want to prove to gamers and geeks out there that this is not a male dominated sport and pastime. Look at our galleries, they speak for themselves!

Will I get paid for posing as a model for Busy Gamer?

We are presently only doing TFP (trade for print) work with the site models. But what you do get is free swag that you will be wearing and a great amount of exposure through our website. You will have the opportunity to be featured on event promos, posters, products, flyers and be able to attend functions the we host and cover near you.

Will Busy Gamer send a photographer to contact me if I’m accepted as a Gamette? 

We have access to photographers in a some areas of the U.S. so we will gladly accommodate you as best we can. Most of the girls have their own photographers that they regularly use.  In those cases, we always allow the artist to watermark their photos so that they gain equal amounts of exposure and marketing, too.

How are the Gamettes chosen?

Our team at picks the girls based on their involvement in the geek/nerd subculture and self representation. Not all of the ladies are gamers. They range from comic book fans, to tech junkies, to costumed convention stormers.  All submissions go through several levels of reviewing before the ladies are chosen.  

What do you mean by self representation?

Busy Gamer wants people who are self driven, confident, and willing to promote and work with the gaming industry along with its media publications. We’d like for you to be enthusiastic about being a Gamette. Tell your friends about our events and contests and go attend conventions as a Gamette. We will gladly send you promotional swag to pass out or distribute to your local game stores and gaming groups. By promoting you are also promoting yourself as an active member of the geek culture!

How long does it take to get approved and get my Busy Gamer gear?

Getting approved could take as long as 2 weeks to 1 month. Our team assembles monthly to approve new applications. After you are approved we take a look at art and designs in production. We try to have a new shirt type for each girl. Sometimes we have to double up on gear depending on where we are with future designs. In all actuality it takes from 6 - 8 weeks for our new Gamettes to go from getting approved, to lined up with a shoot, to getting their galleries set up. Individual cases may vary. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start the reviewing process.