5 – This is the highest score busygamer.com can give a game. It represents the best investment a busy gamer can make. It may mean that a game can be played in small increments over time or it might be a short game with high replay value. It might even mean that there’s some feature of a long game that allows it to be enjoyed by the busy gamer, whether it’s the multiplayer aspect or something you can play for two hours on your one day off. Whatever the reason, we’re giving it our highest mark and you can bet we explain why in the review. Games with this score can typically be enjoyed with as little as thirty minutes to an hour a day.

4 – While it may not be our best score, it’s still pretty high. There may be some aspect of the game that prevents it from receiving the highest score, perhaps a steep learning curve or a slightly higher overall time requirement, but where the busy gamer is concerned, this game delivers the goods. Games falling under this category are still a good investment but you may have to watch the clock when you play them to make sure you’re not getting too carried away. Games with this score can typically be enjoyed with as little as an hour or two a day.

3 – This is the sort of game that becomes a long term commitment, requiring several hours a week to fully enjoy. The busy gamer can walk away from a game with this rating for extended periods but may find they have to relearn some aspect of the game when they return to it. In the worst cases, the busy gamer may have to begin again from scratch having forgotten what goal they were trying to achieve. Games with this rating typically represent an investment of twelve to fifteen hours a week and may require those hours be spent in long sessions to get the biggest return on your money.

2 – This rating typically represents a game that has a steep time requirement but manages to avoid the lowest rating by providing a considerable amount of entertainment for the time invested. This type of game is a risk for the busy gamer because it typically means that it may be the only game played for some time to come. Games with this rating should be avoided by the busy gamer who wants to have a social life. Or wants to avoid sleeping on the couch. Games with this rating typically represent fifteen to twenty hours a week, long sessions, and/or repeat sessions to get your money’s worth.

1 – This is the absolute worst investment for the busy gamer. It could very well be the best game ever made but the time investment required is simply too high. It may be the game has entirely too much content or it may simply be that there are flaws in the game that prevent the busy gamer from getting their money’s worth. Games with this rating should be reserved for extended illnesses, long vacations, or periods of unemployment. Games with this rating typically require twenty plus hours a week, represent long sessions, high learning curves, and/or the inability to easily pick up where you left off. It probably also means it doesn’t even have the saving grace of having some online feature so you can at least “hang out??? with your friends while playing.

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