Gamette: Lauren
Location: California
Photographer: Avila Graphic Arts, Purple Doom
Featured Gear: BG Invader Skull
GamerTag: Classified

What is your favorite guilty geeky pleasure?
Software hunting, is your best friend for that. I have been doing it for over a year, I also like to talk anti-virus programs, does this make me weird or what? I love to look at new electronics and buy new electronics, I am so tech happy it is sad. I had two ipods at once before, why because I couldn’t let go of my beloved ipod mini my dear friend Cortana gave me!

What is your favorite famous geek?
Robert Smith, did you see the geekiness under all that hair spray and makeup?

What is your most infamous geek moment?
Too many, but probably one where I am texting and listening to my ipod at once and then I almost trip in high heels walking.

What is your favorite game?
Morrowind, I have deeply inbedded issues! (At least it is not Heroin Hero hehe for those that get the south park pun!)

What’s the ring tone on your cell phone right now?
Beetlejuice, what can I say I am soo Gawwwf! Lol.

Last time you kissed a geek?
Almost everyday! My boyfriend is a geek like me.

Who is your favorite Super Hero?

Are you Strong in the Force or is Fluent in Klingon more your style?
Neither. Didn’t you know people call me Ice Queen because I appear to not care at times, so I need neither. Also people like to not let me know they call me Ice Queen, along with other names not needed to be said hehe…

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