TashaGamette: Tasha
Location: New Jersey
Photographer: Tasha
Featured Gear: BG Zombie Tee
Gamer Tag: Classified

What is your favorite guilty geeky pleasure?
Playing World of Warcraft with my fiancee.

What’s your favorite class on World of Warcraft?
My fav class is Death Knight, Warlock, and Hunter. I think all 3 of them are the most fun.

Favorite Dungeon in WoW?
My favorite Dungeon in WoW is Dead Mines because I help alot of noobs with the instance, and also I can blow through it like water.

Run mods or WoW Nekkid?
Run mods.

Horde or Alliance?
Alliance because all my friends are ally’s.

How much is too much WoW?
When you realize your butt is numb and imprinted in your chair. ROFLMAO!

Your significant other rolls need against you on a loot drop. Grounds for breakup or friendly competition?
Freindly competition.

What’s the usual reaction when it’s discover that you *really* are a girl?
For some reason they all can tell I am a girl, just by the way I talk to people. It’s funny cause I never get left alone. LOL.

Favorite Race in WoW?
My favorite race is Draenei, because I just love the way they look mostly, but also there specific stats I like as well.

Tell us about your most memorable WoW WTF moment.
When I decided to get my whole guild on there mounts and form a line or a train of mounts I might say, and I had about 30 people just walking through Stormwind and doing the choo choo train emote. LOL!

Tell us about your most memorable WoW FTW moment.
When I boosted as much dps (damage per second) as a low Death Knight and the range was around the amount of a higher lvl DK. FTW! W00t!

Last time you kissed a geek?
Just today actually.

If you could date one animated character, who would it be?
Cloud from Final Fantasy.

You get one weapon when the zombie apocalypse comes. What is it and why?
A freakin shotgun baby, cause bullets will spread there heads wide open. Instant kill baby!

Reckon Crew notes
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