Editor in Chief. Weedwhacker. Voted least likely to develop any new useful technology for the 20th century. Grand blogger and writer for the all powerful Also co-hosts “The Week in Geek Radio??? on 106.9 The Rock. Usually ends up being voted the designated driver during Busy Gamer Crew outings & skirmishes because Crutchboy and T. Danger believe in the fairness of democracy, they do let him vote though.

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Director of Content & Web Master of Likes to create more fancy job titles for himself so at official work meetings he can try and jedi-mind trick Gritskrieg into granting him more than adequate raises and bonuses. Prefers Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, but will drink almost anything. At the end of every convention party Crutchboy firmly believes that he has been gifted with the ability to read minds. The crew lets him keep thinking it. It’s better that way, mostly.

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Timothy Danger

Journalist of the super group known as The BusyGamer Rekon Crew. Claims to know the secret recipe of the Super Soldier Serum, and that it includes hops and grains grown by Galactus on some far away world. Favorite online game is Toon Town and he aint afraid to slap a bi*ch for her jelly beans. Usually ends up the last one standing at most functions but the first one alseep. Go figure, we just poke fun at him and keep ordering him drinks. Once won the legal admin rights to in a drunken game of foosball, later to lose it back in a fierce game of Ms. Pacman.

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Rika Stead

Rika Stead

Rika eats sour candy while she plays. She drinks Bloody Marys and Irish Car Bombs. She loves Chrono Cross and Soul Calibur. She wishes more people understood her references to Space Quest. She missed the Wrath of the Lich King release because she was modeling in the Virgin Islands, and has never been as hardcore since. She sews like a badass. She wants you to buy her crazy boots, size 8.5. See her at

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Viggo The Carp

Viggo The Carp

Before he could even remember, Drew ‘ViggoTheCarp’ Bergmark was tearing past levels on Super Mario Brothers. After my ten year video game hiatus, I jumped back into gaming with Halo and have been teabagging ever since. While he prefers to play shooters, he’ll play anything and own anyone in it whether it be real-time strategy games or MMORPGs. If you thought the Master Computer was leet, I’ll show you my skills and spit out the words: END OF LINE.

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