Miss Metro 2010Gamette: Miss Metro
Location: Canada
Featured Gear: Red Skully
Gamer Tag: Classified

Facebook Apps: Good times or waste of time? Explain.
Waste of time, I’m sick of silly reminders to feed so-and-so’s cows before they starve. Seems silly to me. I’ll play Harvest Moon and feed my own cows thank you!

What popular Trekkie phrase was actually never uttered on the show or any of the movies? “Beam me up, Scotty” for the win.

Multiple choice!!! Finish the following Star Wars statement. Don’t worry, your Internet cred won’t go down if you miss it… HA! “I’ve got a bad _____ _____ _____.???

A.“Case of Hemorrhoids???
B.“Ass Red Camaro???
C.“Feeling About This???
D. None of the above. They actually say the “blank??? three times.

C, though D would be WAY funnier.

If you’re playing Halo and standing over the corpse of an opponent while repeatedly pressing one button, what are you most likely doing?
Tea bagging your kill.

Finish the following Monty Python phrase for major geek points and a special place in out hearts… “Nobody expects _____ _____ _____!!!??? “
The Spanish Inquisition!” DOUBLE POINTS!

Give us one piece of advice for wooing a Gamette. We promise not to use it for evil. Mostly.
Well, since you promised. Plug my x-box battery packs in while I’m at work. Talk about sweet. :D

Name the absolute girliest thing you’ve ever done to get noticed.
I don’t know if I have done things to get noticed but I do some pretty girly things, like face masks and manicures, etc. Everyone needs to feel pampered from time to time.

Name the absolute geekiest thing you’ve ever done to get noticed.
Frequenting comic con in full costume. I suppose.

What’s one piece of geek apparel sure to get a man noticed by you?
A pocket Protector, meow.

Cosplay: It’s fun to play dress up or there is such thing as too much of a fan? Explain.
Its a ball to dress up and it’s so much fun when you build the costume yourself. Some people take it to the extreme and spend, in my opinion, too much money on something that’s meant to be fun. But hey, if they are having a good time, then who are we to judge?

Tell us one thing about yourself sure to get our site banned in China when we print it.
I’ll just leave you guessing… ;)

Tell us about the geekiest “Oops??? moment you’ve ever had.
Oh my, a lot of my life is “oops” moments. Probably the time I got so frustrated with my x-box, “WHY is it broken, WHY won’t the sound work, WHERE is the picture?!?” Alas, discovering it would be wise to PLUG the power cord into the device to expect such magical things to happen.

You get a box with a red button. You’re told you are going to die no matter what you do but when you press the red button, one video game/movie/TV character is forever erased from the minds of anyone who ever heard of them. Not the actor, just the character. Who would it be?
Nickleback. I know that wasn’t an option, a whole band. But maybe if I batted my eyelashes you could make a exception. :D

Is there ever an inappropriate time to game? Be honest.
I’d like to say no, but unfortunately for us there are certain times when showing off your super leveled up Fallout character is just not appropriate. But who cares, show it off anyways.

Ever used your feminine charms to gain an unfair advantage while gaming against a male opponent? If yes, explain?
Ahh, yes. The old “oh, I don’t know if I want to play you, I’m not very good??? KA-POW RIGHT IN THE HEAD. Confetti!!!!!! In closing…yes, perhaps I have tampered with my girlish qualities to give me an edge, but my skills are what do the talking.