Katrina HillGamette: Katrina Hill
Location: Texas
Photographer: Jim Brown
Featured Gear: Red Skully, Man’s Ruin

You get to pick which apocalypse you’re a survivor of: Zombie, Nuclear, or Fuzzy Kitten. Now tell us why you’d prefer that particular apocalypse, unless it’s the Fuzzy Kitten one at which point we’re going to have to demand you turn in your License to Kick Ass.
Hey! DO NOT under estimate the power of an army of fuzzy kittens! They are only cute for a second…right before they laugh and scratch out your eyes. And, I dare you to try to take my License to Kick Ass. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers ;) .

Why is Tremors your favorite movie?
Tremors has everything: Action, horror, suspense, the film is really funny, has loveable characters, great cast, no CGI, those are real Graboids, and it’s a fun concept. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to Tremors for me as well. I’ve been watching it since I was little. My brothers and I would have the best time jumping around on the living room furniture so that we didn’t get eaten by the Graboids!

Who wins in a fist fight, Corbin Dallas or John McClane?
John McClane! He has been in at least 4 large scale terrorist situations and has taken them down each time. McClane also has more experience with fist fights than Corbin Dallas, who tended to stick with guns. I mean, McClane had to fist-fight Maggie Q! Yeowch!

What one big thing or combination of little things can kill an action movie?
Ridiculous looking CGI.

You’re playing yourself in an action movie. Who’s your leading man and why? I know it’s tempting to say me with my mental flirting but let’s give the other guys a shot.
Well, if I can’t choose you, then I’ll go with Tony Jaa. Wait, Sylvester Stallone…No! Jason Statham! Bruce Willis! Hell, I want them all in my movie!

Best action movie kill ever.
OH MY GOD! A great action movie kill should make you yell, “Oh my God!” It should also make you flinch and laugh out of terror. That, my friends, happened while I was watching Rambo IV. A Burmese military baddie has an American woman cornered and is about to rape her. Then you see Rambo come up from behind the baddie and grab him by the throat. Neither of them ever make a sound, and you’re not sure what’s happening until you see blood coming out from underneath Rambo’s hand. Then he rips the baddie’s throat out with his fingers!

That is the greatest kill because it happens just in the nick of time to save another person from something horrible. The one getting killed is someone who has done/is about to do something horrible and you know he really, really deserves it. Also, itís a unique and difficult kill to pull off. Rambo had to work for it rather than just use a gun, bow, grenade, or whatever else he found lying around.

The Reckon Crew has determined that Twilight vampires aren’t vampires at all but sparkling sissy hetero-challenged emo kids.
Umm, I’ve known that all along. I could have saved them a lot of time and energy.

You can train to fight with whoever you want, historical or fictional. Who would it be and why?
Freakin’ Solid Snake! He’s excellent at hand to hand combat, knows how to handle weapons, and he can teach you how to be sneaky. Plus his voice has that cool raspy thing going on.

Katrina Hill by Jim Brown 2010

Quick! You just killed a vampire in a comical manner and now you need a sexy one liner… How did the vampire die and what’s your line?
I locked a vamp in a tanning booth and kicked it up to max. Right after he explodes into fire and ash, I say, “Ding! Turkey’s done!”

Name the best horror action flick ever and then the worst.
Best: Dawn of the Dead remake. It has a lot of action and can make you crap your pants several times in the brief hour and a half time frame.

Worst: The one that comes to mind right now is Edges of Darkness (not to be confused with Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson). It was awful. The plot sucked, the action sucked, and it wasnít scary or suspenseful at all.

Tell us one of your super secret nerdy fantasies…
Being part of a super-secret black ops team with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the crew of the Firefly, blasting both vamps and reavers while simultaneously playing the x-box 360 all night long.

Give the aspiring Tweeter a tip or two on how to get started towards 80000+ followers.
The most important thing to do at the start, before you follow a single person, is pick the right username and profile picture. Make them easy to remember, easy to spot in a crowd, and make them both say who you are – what’s the main part of yourself that you’re bringing to twitter. Use twitter’s search function to find people with similar interests, and then leap into the fray. Follow people. If you don’t follow your followers, why should they follow you? Rule #1: Interact. Don’t just say hi. Crack a joke, ask a question, answer a question, get philosophical, whatever, and direct those early tweets to a variety of specific individuals. Be helpful. Be bold. And multi-task. Don’t sit there lost in the sea of tweets. Tweet while you’re doing other things. Let twitter be about who you are and what you do, and don’t let it be who you are and what you do. Another rule #1: Have fun.

Oh, and it helps if you’re awesome like me!

How often are you greeted with disbelief in the traditionally male populated geek subculture when you know more about geek business than the boy geeks? What do you tend to do about it?
Just about every single time I tell anyone, male or female, what my website is about I get a raised eyebrow, look of shock, and a “Huh” or a “Really?” I just laugh and keep going. I do get a lot of people asking me questions like “So then what’s the best…” Maybe they’re testing my knowledge maybe they are just interested in my thoughts.

Tell us the hardest part of being a sexy lady in a geeky world.
I have found a lot more benefits than not; however, there are times when it feels like I’m not taken very seriously and get overlooked. There are also times when people try to make you prove your geek cred just because you are a good looking girl. Being geeky is not reserved for any specific gender or appearance, people!

We’ve had the Expendables but is there a movie “dream team” that you’d still like to see?
Any of the following together: Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Maggie Q, me (of course), Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Tony Jaa, Ryan Reynolds, Eliza Dushku, Michael Jai White, Rain, Bruce Willis, and every other dude in the Expendables.

What’s been your favorite con/gathering this year?
In terms of how much fun I had, New York Comic Con. I cosplayed for the first time as the Baroness from GI Joe, had a great time exploring the city, was with a great group of friends, and was able to get a lot of interviews for my website.

Explain why Texas is the most bad ass place on Earth.
Everything’s bigger in Texas. Also, I’m in Texas!

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