JadeGamette: Jade
Location: Georgia
Photographer: Nai-Tsang Cheng
Gamer Tag: J for Jade

What’s the most difficult thing about being a hottie in the gaming world? I mean, we know how it is for guys but we need a female’s perspective.
The most difficult is probably dealing with the male gamers who immidately assume you are completely unattractive or even remotely good at videos games. It is very hard to break the status quo that so many gamers believe to be true, “girl gamers suck and are fat”, when if fact they have no idea what they are talking about. Once I prove them wrong their attitude goes from hating on me to hitting on me. Dorks!

One fictional video game weapon is yours in real life. Which is it, why, and what do you do with it?
AK 47 in Call of Duty. Why? Because I actually own that gun it real life. It comes in handie for those guys you just want to get rid of quick and easy. Just kidding!

What’s the quickest way to get your attention? The good kind… Our “friend??? asked.
I love to laugh! If you can get me on a roll you may just have my attention!

Tell us your version of the rules of Gaming Etiquette?
There really are no rules to gaming; everyone usually likes to play rough. But if I had to have one major rule, I believe it would be good for myself and the gaming community to be more respectful no matter what gender, race, or ethinicity. Also, I would make sure that every gamer would have to take a shower everyday!

What is the best television show ever? You may have to fight because of your answer so keep that in mind.
It is a toss up between True Blood & The Tudors. Lots of blood, death, and sex what more do you need?!

Tell us about your favorite gaming moment. You know, when you pulled off something utterly insane and now no one believes you… we’ll believe you, promise.
One of my most memerable moments was when I competed at a tournament and got offered the opportunity to play and be filmed by ESPN. I gathered my team together and another all female team to battle out. I got some amazing sniper kills and ended up going positive 13; I even got to talk a little trash while being completely filmed by ESPN. It was awesome!

How often do you think guys don’t believe you’re a female or does it ever happen?
Sometimes, people ask if I am a little boy. Normally, I reply that I am a little boy to throw them off and to make fun of them.

Have you ever felt like you had to prove you were a female when it was called into question?
Yes, sometimes I get a little angry and call them out for not knowing the difference between a girls voice and a boys, but most of the time I tell them to visit my social sites to see that I really am a girl.

If you could dress up as any one video game character and the costume was a perfect reproduction of what the character wore, who would it be and why?
Bayonetta! She is sexy, fun, sofisticated and an all around bad ass!

We challenge you to a game of tiddlywinks… to the death! How do you feel now?
Ready to kick some ass! How do you feel now?

You can go back in time and stop any one game from being made. Which game is it and why?
Medal of Honor. It was horrible. The online play was awful, the story line sucked, and it was an all around terrible game. Waste of money.

Has any comment or insult you’ve received on Live or at a competition ever deeply affected you?
Yes. Before I gained my confidence people used to tell me I was ugly without ever seeing me before and sometimes it would hurt my feelings because of my insecurities, but now I am a lot stronger and dont let silly things affect me!

Ever busted a gamer checking you out at a competition instead of paying attention to what was going on with the game on their screen? Tell us about it.
During a tournament I have had people trying to talk to me while practicing. Trying to get my attention, when it just ends up making their team really mad. There also have been times when I was playing another team and the guys couldn’t focus because I was a girl and I was talking a little trash to them, haha.

What was your most uncomfortable gaming moment?
My first tournament I was absolutely terrified. I was scared that I would suck during the competition because I was so nervous because it was my first event. Instead, I dominated the competition, it was awesome!

What are you playing these days and what will be next on your list?
Right now I am playing Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. After awhile you will probably find me playing Dragon Age 2.

Tell us about your experience in trying out for Ultimate Gamer.
It was awesome!!! It was an incredable experience. All the people who put the audition together were amazing and extremely organized. Although, I was very nervous throughout the entire audition I do not regret anything that I did one bit and I cannot wait for WCG: Ultimate Gamer Season 3. I will definitly bring down the house and take over the show!

What is the one thing a female should never do when trying to be taken seriously in the gaming community?
The best advice I would give female gamers is to stay classy. Be true to yourself, but stay classy, have fun, and be sweet. Or it will come back to haunt you.

Who would you like to have the opportunity to play against and why? What game would you choose to compete against them on?
Dane Cook, I know he plays video games and plays Halo pretty regularly, plus he is one of my favorite comdians. So I would challenge him to a game of Halo:Reach!

We’re awesome. We just thought you might want to know that if you didn’t already.
Oh! I already knew, you guys rock!