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Boomer Bile, yum.

Saturday, April 25th, 2009


To spice up your weekend fun we’d like to share these gaming cocktails we recently ran across. Enjoy and drink responsibly. We do.

Boomer Bile
Slice up five pieces of cucumber and throw them into a glass half-filled with ice, then crush the lot with a pestle. Pour 45ml of gin, 1 oz of vodka, a dash of lemon juice and Worcester sauce. and 3oz of elderflower cordial into a shaker. Now shake until mixed and pour into the glass.

Flaming Hunter
Add into a cocktail shaker the following: 50ml Maker’s Mark. 10ml Cherry Heering, 10ml Contra and a dash of Angostura. Shake the contents well, then pour into a small glass and drop in one or two cherries to sit in the bottom of the glass.

L4D's Boomer Bile will make you see cloudy.

L4D's Boomer Bile will make you see cloudy.

Bum Rush
Run a lemon wedge around the rim of a cocktail glass then cover with coarse salt. Crush a few ice cubes into a cocktail shaker then pour in 50ml Arita Tequila, 22ml Triple Sec, 20ml lime juice and drop in a couple of chilli seeds. Shake and pour into the glass and attach one chilli pepper onto the side.

Fill a tall glass with ice and crush with a pestle, adding to the ice until it fills the glass three-quarters full. Grab your cocktail shaker and pour in the following: 30ml Smirnoff vodka, 20ml Blue Curacao, 10ml Myrtille and a dash of lemon juice. Now pour into the glass until you fill it three-quarters full. Top the rest with champagne then add fresh blueberries and blackberries.

Spinning Piledriver
Carve off a lemon skin in a spiral shape and wrap the skin around the inside of a glass, using ice cubes to prop up the skin to the inside of the glass. Take your cocktail shaker and mix in 40ml cognac and 20ml lemon juice and pour into the mixture. Now repeat with 50ml crème de pèche and 15ml crème d’apricot, then pour the mixture slowly into the glass via the top of the lemon spiral.

Poison Arrow straight in your heart.

Poison Arrow straight in your heart.

Poison Arrow
Fill up a shot glass with lime cordial and add a dash of Grenadine to the top. Now very slowly pour Baileys into the centre of the shot glass until the liqueur hits the bottom of the shot. Take a straw and slowly twirl it round so the Baileys twists around the tube. Retract the straw and serve.


Busy Gamer Invades the Bars!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
BG Crew talking shop at a Texas Wingstreet

BG Crew talking shop at a Texas Wingstreet

Yes, just when you thought you had one place you could go to escape the BG crew, think again. Since frequent Busy Gamer meetings occur at bars in Texas (Downtown Bar and Grill and my place at our local Wingstreet seem to be favorites), I thought it would be quite fitting to invent a drink all of us geeks can relate to and enjoy.

Let’s face it, after a long day of slingin’ lightsabers, a Jedi needs a stiff drink! There’s already a Star Wars drink with a few variations but I figured I’d narrow it down to a shot named after a specific hero loved by all… “♥CHEWBACCA♥”. Who doesn’t love a big hairy Wookie?

BG's Game Over playtests the 'Chewbacca'

BG's Game Over playtests the 'Chewbacca'

The Chewbacca

It’s a three-layered drink, bottom to top:
1 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/2 of Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur
1/2 of Bacardi 151 Proof Rum.

The Bailey’s gives it that soft, cuddly Wookie appearance and then the gold flakes bring kinky flashbacks of Princess Leia in the legendary gold bikini, and the 151 puts the Chewbacca hair on your bald nerdy chest. Busy Gamer crew member Game Over was the first to try the tasty beverage. He stated that “it cleared his sinuses”.

This drink isn’t all fun and games though. Your bartender MUST pour it correctly or else you lose the entire effect. So if the barkeep doesn’t know how to layer, move to your next drink. Also, before partaking, you MUST do your best Wookie yell then slam the shot. For extra bragging rights, light the shot on fire. This is why the 151 sits at the top of the shot. If any of these rules are broken, it could result in a party foul!

So stay with us and keep reading for more geeky drink recipes, including shots named after Busy Gamettes!

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