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Game Over for the Classic Game Fest Jousters

Monday, July 20th, 2009
Joust on the Movie Screen. Aww, yeah.

Joust on the Movie Screen. Aww, yeah.

It’s not always easy to tell how we’re going to feel when we do an event. There’s hangovers to deal with, Texas heat, loading and unloading the swag, making sure we’re properly hydrated… So when we attend a well-planned, well-managed event, that’s something to write about.

This past weekend in Austin, we attended Game Over Videogames’ Classic Game Fest. As some of you might have read on Friday, the game for the event was Joust. What we didn’t write about, because we didn’t know at the time, was how smoothly the event would go once we arrived.

Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries

Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries

We were set up just outside the door and the Game Over staff made us feel right at home for the event. Shortly after arriving and setting up our table the signups began. Once the preliminary round was completed, the action moved outside where Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries served up some electronic music using a wii-mote, some Gameboys, and a laptop. It was some impressive stuff. After Bill, there really was a breakdancer who put on about a five minute show and I got winded just watching him.

After the performances it was on to round two which was played on a movie screen set up in the parking lot. The crowd was responsive as the players duked it out for their spot in the next bracket and the Reckon Crew had some favorites among the competitors as the event wore on. We kept handing out the swag while watching as the action played out on the big screen.

The final Three competitors with their prizes

The final Three competitors with their prizes

When all was said and done, there were three finalists and only one of them could be the top Jouster. Finishing in third was Nathan McClellan, in second was Eric Graybill, and the first place victor was Alex Apple.

Due to a prior engagement,  we won’t be able to attend the next Classic Game Fest event on July 31st, which will be Dr. Mario if you were wondering, we’d encourage those who have a love for classic gaming to swing by Game Over Video Games that weekend if you’re in the Austin area. You can find them on the corner of Lamar and Highway 183. Swing by and tell ‘em Busy Gamer sent you. That’s always good for instant cool points.

Our thanks go out to David Kaelin and the rest of the staff of Game Over Videogames for making us feel welcome and putting on a great event.

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