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Gamette of the Year 2010! Let the voting begin!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The gorgeous Hailey Bright, Gamette of the Year '09

That time of year has rolled around once again. While you’re out shopping for stupid things like gifts for your family, we here at Busy Gamer are hard at work making certain another year of lovely geek ladies is all lined up for our readers. We’re also setting up our Annual Busy Gamer Gamette of the Year contest.

We’ve seen a lot of lovely nerd girls grace our site this year and it’s time to see who our readers want to represent the Gamettes for 2011. We’re certain you all have your favorites and now it’s time to show it. It’s hard to believe we’ll be crowning our third lovely lady this year and we’re going to give you the chance to be a part of it.

The rules and contest length will be a bit different from the previous two years. To begin, the contest will run from 12:01AM CST December 15th, 2010 till 11:59PM CST January 15th, 2011. And this time out, we won’t be limiting our readers to one vote for the entire contest… you’ll be able to vote for your favorite lovely lady once a week, every week for the entire length of the contest.

We’ll still be reviewing the votes for anything hinky so don’t go getting any ideas about how you might rig the contest for your favorite Gamette. If we learned anything from Red Dead Redemption, it was how to keep it honest. Fortunately for our readers (and most likely ourselves), we haven’t been able to procure a six shooter. We applaud your enthusiasm but by keeping the contest honest, we’ll applaud your enthusiasm *and* your honesty.

The list this year is a bit shorter than in years’ past and some of you have mentioned it. Unfortunately, we had scheduling conflicts and a number of false starts on our part over the past year. Don’t worry, though… we’ll be making up for it in the coming year and we know you’ll be able to forgive us once we do. As always, we’ll be looking high and low for the ladies who love us and all the things that make us geeks.

For now, however, take a few minutes to make your voice heard by heading over to the voting site and casting a vote for one of our lovely, nerdy, geeky Gamettes.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Rolling in October with Deathwish Dena

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Deathwish Dena - October Gamette 2010

It’s only fair to warn our readers that most of our Gamettes could likely kick your ass. It might be at video games or comic book knowledge but it’s a fair bet that they all have the goods when it comes to getting down and nerdy. It’s also a fair bet that October’s Gamette, Deathwish Dena, could not only out-trivia you in the horror movie genre but would probably put a beatdown on you if you were to take her on while wearing roller skates.

Dena is the kind of girl who can dress sexy one minute and then take to the ring with her skates to put a hip check on you that would have you wondering which way was up. Schooled in the nuances of old school NES gaming, a love of Steampunk, and with a healthy amount of knowledge in regards to the Caped Crusader, Dena is just the type of Gamette we all love to see grace our page.

And so, without further ado, say hello to the sexy skater known as Deathwish Dena.

Tell us why you’re awesome in twenty words or less.
I am the perfect mixture of horror, combat, and fantasy with hours of enticing game play.

Who’s the hottest Batman? Keep in mind we haven’t dressed up as Batman (yet) so the obvious answer is right out.
Well I guess since you have yet to be unmasked as the next Bruce Wayne. For now I will have to go with Christian Bale minus the I am trying to hid who I really am grunt whispers. If he is bringing that to the bedroom I am leaving in a fit of laughter.

You get to be any character *but* Batman. Villain, sidekick, or hero, from the comics or the various movies. Who is it and why?
Two-face. He is human and monster. I love that he can be totally nuts and want to see something get completely destroyed enjoying every minute of it but shed a tear over a lover or friend. Also he goes hand in hand with me being utterly indecisive.

Who shot first?
Deep in my heart I want Han to have shot first. But I think it is more fun for it to be a never ending murder mystery game of Clue. To bad Lucas opened up that manilla envelope and tell us all it was Mr. Green in the Billiards Room with the Pistol.

Tell us what makes a geeky guy sexy. Extra points if you describe us to a tee.
Geek guys who are social are sexy to me. I want some one who wants to go out and do nerdy things, like costume parties, movie premieres, cons, star/ufo
gazing. Also any guy who can teach me ANY new geeky thing makes me smile.

Click here to read Dena’s full interview and see her complete pictorial!

Taffeta Darling, here to knock your block off!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Taffeta Darling
Our September Gamette of the Month by far needs not much of an introduction, she should very well be introducing us. We met her at several of the Dallas Comic Cons this year and it was no hurdle for her to charm the BG Crew. If you don’t see her doing some cosplay around Texas, you may very well find her storming comic shops loading up on her favorite books or planning her next Dr. Sketchy’s show. So again, say hello to her if you see her, go and visit her slamming website, and give Taffeta Darling a round of applause for gracing the pages of BusyGamer.

Tell us who your favorite character is and why they’re better than Superman. If your favorite character is Superman, you lose this round.
Enid Coleslaw [if you don't know who that is, you lose this round]. She’s just trying to figure herself out and find her place in the world. Sadly she paves and leaves a path of heartache for herself and just about anyone who cares for her. Supes has a lil heartache and struggles with his family and heritage on a different scale. Enid had and has the strength to keep family in the heart but seek out the world and it’s meaning. Clark is pretty predictable, and no matter what, he’ll will always run home.

Tell us in haiku/Why we should read comic books/Because haikus rock.
* inward adventures * free my mind o book of art * the beacon to shore *

You get to choose one awesome super power but then you have to take one lame super power as well. What are they and why?
Lame Power – Ultra Flatulence boost, that projects ya 2 feet into the air, because it’s a natural occurrence, and every gal could use a boost. A Super Power – flying. Duh. no wait, breathing under water.. ah crap, maybe invisibility.

Our super power is being super sexy. Is it working?
I’m sorry, what was the question? I got lost in your sexy, sexy eyes.

Read the full interview and pictorial here!

Welcome to, Miss Metro!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Miss Metro - Our newest BusyGamer Gamette

Hey, folks and fans! We know it’s been awhile, with us tending to our busy, busy lives here at, but we have obligations to fill on the interwebs! And one of those obligations is to continue delivering some of the hottest gaming gals out there to you. Yeah, in all your geekdom, and all of their’s, too, of course. Our latest installment hails all the way from Canada (our first out of the country girl and really out of this world, too!). Say hello to the mighty Miss Metro and check out the sexy set she delivered.

Facebook Apps: Good times or waste of time? Explain.
Waste of time, I’m sick of silly reminders to feed so-and-so’s cows before they starve. Seems silly to me. I’ll play Harvest Moon and feed my own cows thank you!

What popular Trekkie phrase was actually never uttered on the show or any of the movies? “Beam me up, Scotty” for the win.

Multiple choice!!! Finish the following Star Wars statement. Don’t worry, your Internet cred won’t go down if you miss it… HA!“I’ve got a bad _____ _____ _____.???

A.“Case of Hemorrhoids???
B.“Ass Red Camaro???
C.“Feeling About This???
D. None of the above. They actually say the “blank??? three times.

C, though D would be WAY funnier.

If you’re playing Halo and standing over the corpse of an opponent while repeatedly pressing one button, what are you most likely doing?
Tea bagging your kill.

Finish the following Monty Python phrase for major geek points and a special place in out hearts… “Nobody expects _____ _____ _____!!!??? “The Spanish Inquisition!” DOUBLE POINTS!

Read Miss Metro’s full interview and pictoral here!

Say hello to our newest Gamette, Isis…

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Welcome our newest Gamette, Isis!

We love hearing from the local Texas gals. We especially love it when they become Gamettes. And we really, really love it when they can gun us down in Modern Warfare. Okay, not so much with the whole gunning us down thing but we do admire a lovely lady with mad skills. I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming the latest entry to the Gamettes, Isis.

And yes, she’s our Gamette of the Month for March, you didn’t read it wrong. We’re so awesome we can go back in time to present this lovely lady!

You may have run into Isis and her talent for shooting you in the face on Modern Warfare, you may not have. But now that you’ve met her here, we imagine you might just decide to brush up on your FPS skills.

Isis scored some “winnar” points with Timothy Danger for agreeing that Mace Windu could kick Wolverine’s ass (I’ll forgive her for it) and some points with the whole crew for her description of dropping her first tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2. That makes her the “bomb” in our book… Get it? Because she dropped a nuke in… You know what, never mind. Go take a look at her interview and pics already, appreciate my razor sharp wit later.

Welcome to the site, Isis!

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Gamecrush gets ‘game crashed’

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Coming Soon!

News of the new online pay to play social networking service Gamecrush was greeted with eyebrow raising and open mockery by some, yet many gamers themselves were not so skeptical. Within 20 minutes of the official beta launch, the site fell victim to its own instant popularity as thousands of gamers raced to join and ended up crashing the site in spectacular fashion. The fact that the beta was crashed immediately means that, there is definitely a market out there for this kind of service. Assuming that interest holds after the novelty wears off, this market is vastly bigger than even the folks at Gamecrush themselves could have predicted.

When you think about it, it was really only a matter of time before something like Gamecrush came along, offering up a massive directory of women available and willing to be your gaming girl in exchange for some dollars. It’s a story as old as time itself, but rather than start in on all the tired talk about “lonely nerd gamers??? or “Players??? as they are known on Gamecrush, I’m really more curious as to what kind of experience this will be for the ladies of Gamecrush, or “Playdates??? as they are known.

Obviously I had to do some hands on detective work to see for myself just what all the fuss is about. I took a minute to peruse their FAQ section before heading to the PlayDate sign up page. As I read the explanation of what it is, exactly, that this site offers, I am struck yet again by the fact that we are in the year 2010 and to date this is the first pay to play “online adult social gaming site??? in existence. Social networking sites have, since their earliest appearance on the internet, been populated by their fair share of gamers. And of course there are countless gaming related sites with forums available for gamers to connect to other gamers with similar interests all over the world. But when it comes to gaming guys and gals finding each other and forging connections online, there are some major barriers.

It is well established that the Internet makes it easy for people to pass themselves off as someone or something they are not, if they are so inclined. The old adage “once bitten, twice shy??? holds very true in gaming, as it is both general practice and a running joke for people to claim that “girls don’t play video games.??? Many male gamers still react with shock and disbelief and even varying degrees of hostility to those claiming to be female in a game, so entrenched are these perceptions. The advent of audio channels and webcam chat in gaming has made it easy for girls to prove their identity, but once you’ve established that you are in fact female, you may just end up having to defend yourself and your credentials as an actual girl gamer; emphasis on the gamer.

Gamette Jenna Jaguar of

In other words, the gaming world seems to be trapped in a vicious cycle: guys think girls don’t play video games, so anyone claiming to be a girl who also loves games must be lying – either they aren’t really a girl or they don’t really love games. Obviously there are a lot of guy gamers who understand that many women love gaming, and who have played games competitively with women on many occasions. The rare nerd even has a girlfriend who plays the occasional game! But in all seriousness, given that knee-jerk suspicion and skepticism toward gamer girls does persist in many forms, through many avenues, I see Gamecrush – and any similar sites in the future, (which will inevitably follow if Gamecrush proves to be a success) as nothing but a positive step.

The simple fact that now there is a place for gamers to go to find other gamers who are by definition not only 100% guaranteed female, but ready and willing to give you their undivided attention and play the game of your choosing with you, means that all of a sudden when they come across a female gamer in the wider world of online gaming and console gaming networks like Xbox Live, it won’t be such a novelty anymore.

Removing the novelty from the idea of girl gamers can only be a good thing. We all know that there are girls who take advantage of the low numbers of women openly active in gaming in order to get loads of attention for themselves. With adult social gaming, both guys and girls who enjoy the flirty and the dirty sides of gaming have a healthy outlet to do so where everything is up front and honest. Since honesty is always the best policy, let’s be clear: yes, absolutely there are gamer guys who are more than a little desperate for some female companionship, and there are gamer girls who are equally desperate for attention. I can’t see any fault in a service which provides people with a consensual means to connect and interact in a positive way that is rewarding for both parties.

Gamecrush has the potential to offer a little something for many in the gaming world, even those who don’t count themselves among those lonely basement dwellers we’ve all heard so much about. There seems little question at this point that adult social gaming is here to stay, and that there is a lot of evolution to come. Since the Game Crush website is currently still offline, only time will tell if the creators of Gamecrush had the right idea in bringing this service to the world.

BusyGamer Invades Los Angeles!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

BG Reckon Crew - Crutchboy, Timothy Danger & Gritskrieg

They say you can take the boy out of Texas… But you can’t take Texas out of the boy. I guess we’ve been lucky the past two years to spread that little bit of Gospel all around the U.S… but there is one place the BusyGamer Crew hasn’t gone yet. So we’re fixing that this week.

I’m talking about the land of fame and excess. Movie stars and bad habits. Silicon chips and silicone… well y’know.

That’s right fiends, the Busygamer Crew is headed to L.A. for a little rest and relaxation, nerd networking, and of course, a little bit of what we do best… (it rhymes with “thinking??? but let’s face it I was never very good at that)

Hailey Bright - Gamette of the Year 2009

Of course, we do have a main mission. That is to put our beloved leader and bossman Amory ‘Gritskrieg’ Gritta on COIN-OP TV Thursday night. Oh that’s right… I didn’t stutter. Grits is going to be in the hot seat for one of the video game industry’s most popular interactive shows… What’s more… you can watch it and participate live while it happens. COIN-OP TV is much more than an internet show. It features a unique twist in which viewers can log in and participate with the shows by leaving live comments and questions in the chat room.

Grits will be talking about the website.. our lovely Gamettes, our mega cool Gamette of the Year contest, and of course will be awarding COIN-OP TV’s lovely co-host HAILEY BRIGHT the coveted GAMETTE OF THE YEAR title.

We are certainly excited to make the trip. LA is the epicenter for video game technology, gaming subculture, and home to countless other geek treasures (Not to mention some old school punk rock history). We can’t wait to make fools… er I mean represent Texas in a manner only gentlemen wearing the BusyGamer moniker can.

You can watch The BusyGamer Reckon Crew live on the broadcast of Coin-Op Tv here at 8PM PST / 10PM CST January 21 starring host Robert Welkner and Co-Host Hailey Bright. It’s live, it’s interactive, and you need to check this out! Send us some questions, we dare you.

The Gamettes of 2010

Friday, January 15th, 2010

We wrapped up our annual Gamette of the Year event last month and it is now quickly approaching the time where we will welcome our latest additions to the site. As such, we’ve decided to be generous and share our top Gamette submissions for 2010 with our readers. One of the most difficult jobs here at is sorting through all the beautiful and well qualified applicants we review as the year progresses and only choose a handful of the ladies to represent the site and be named an ‘Official Gamette’.

As we plunge headlong into our third year of celebrating the greatness of women in the nerd world, we present to you a brief preview of some of the ladies that our staff at BG has chosen to carry on the torch of ‘Beauty and the Geek’ for 2010. Enjoy.

Congratulations to Hailey Bright, Gamette of the Year ’09!!!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Hailey Bright Gamette of the Year 09

Well, it was a nail biter there for a while with Hailey Bright and Jessica V. trading the top spot in our Gamette of the Year contest over the past week but just as 2009 came to an end, there was a last minute rally. The support we’ve seen for these two fine ladies has been phenomenal and it’s a shame that we can’t crown them both as our Gamette of the Year. But the fans have spoken and it’s the lovely Hailey Bright who wins it all!

Hailey joined our Gamettes on January of 2009 and it didn’t take long for her to make an impression on our readers. As some of you may remember, IGN made her their “Babe of the Day” on January 5th to which we responded shortly thereafter that we had given her a whole month. Well, now she’s gone and managed to take the whole year!

Hailey Bright is currently the co-host of Coin-Op TV Live, a weekly talk show serving up the goods on the video game industry. Hailey also co-hosted the DirecTV show, Championship Gaming Series, and can be spotted on the red carpet at gaming events such as Spike TV’s VGAs. Amid her busy schedule, Hailey still manages to get in some time for her modeling and acting careers, gracing everything from the pages of Elle Magazine to ads for video games.

Hailey Bright and Coin-Op TV

For those of you who have not yet had the fortune of seeing the lovely Hailey Bright in action, you can watch her live on Thursday nights with host Rob Welkner on Coin-Op TV Live at 10pm CST or check out some of the previously recorded shows. If you check watch the live feed, you can ask questions in the chatroom Hailey monitors and relays to Rob during the show. Just don’t… ya know, ask creepy stuff. Freaks.

You can also catch up with Hailey’s latest adventures by checking out her Twitter, her MySpace, or her official, official page,

Be sure if you do visit to congratulate her on becoming our Gamette of the Year 2009!!!

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Hailey Bright on the set of Coin-Op TV Live

Congratulations, Hailey, from all of us here at!

Tasha, BusyGamer’s Miss August is here!

Friday, August 7th, 2009
Tasha, August's Gamette of the Month!

Tasha, August's Gamette of the Month!

We’ll it’s hot in Texas around August, but it just got alot hotter at with our new Gamette Tasha! This months feature hails from New Jersey, and is quite involved in World of Warcraft. We like to know that there are some girls on the other end of MMO’s out there, well now we have proof that they do exist! So check out her interview, and see the great pictoral she submitted to us to keep things steamy here this summer. She gives a new meaning to the word ‘Epic’!

What is your favorite guilty geeky pleasure?
Playing World of Warcraft with my fiancee.

What’s your favorite class on World of Warcraft?
My fav class is Death Knight, Warlock, and Hunter. I think all 3 of them are the most fun.

Favorite Dungeon in WoW?
My favorite Dungeon in WoW is Dead Mines because I help alot of noobs with the instance, and also I can blow through it like water.

Run mods or WoW Nekkid?
Run mods.

Horde or Alliance?
Alliance because all my friends are ally’s.

How much is too much WoW?
When you realize your butt is numb and imprinted in your chair. ROFLMAO!

Read the full interview with Tasha, our featured Gamette of the Month!