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Chris Evans to appear in Captain America Game

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Chris Evans as The First Avenger

(Gamespot) – Captain America: The First Avenger is scheduled for release on July 22, and it will see Fantastic Four actor Chris Evans stepping into the superheroic boots of a new masked champion. Making use of its Marvel Entertainment license, Sega expects to release a game tie-in for the film, and the publisher announced today that the live-action star will also lend his voice and likeness to the publisher’s adaptation, Captain America: Super Soldier.

Super Soldier will be based on the Captain America film, which also stars Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men) and Samuel L. Jackson (Iron Man 2). Hearkening back to the comic franchise’s roots, Nazis will be the target of Captain America’s ire, as the shield-wielding hero squares off against his archnemesis, Red Skull, in an effort to stop the evil machinations of the scientist Arnim Zola.

Beginning during the height of WWII, the third-person action adventure will be set in a sprawling castle complex and will feature foes from the comic books, including the Iron Cross and members of the terrorist group HYDRA. Gameplay will have an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat involving the superhero’s indestructible shield as well as platforming sequences.