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My Top Three Apps for iOS and Android

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I’ve made a point not to choose sides in the Apple – Android war. Some people may see it as being wishy-washy about my tech but I can honestly say that I enjoy the offerings each brings to the table. I currently own a Galaxy S model phone and I have an iPod and both see frequent gaming usage. I have no favorites in regards to the devices themselves and I am constantly looking at new games that come up on each respective market.

Many of the games that come up with these devices are meant to be played on the go or when you have a bit of down time and as such are very Busy Gamer friendly. I’ve been playing several and I’d be happy to share what I consider the top three on each platform with you. So here are my top choices listed in no particular order.


You have to play it in order to understand it... Seriously.

Plants vs. Zombies: I have a lot of love for this particular game. On the PC, it was easily one of the most Busy Gamer friendly games I had played in a long time and provided me with an inordinate amount of gaming goodness for a low price. I was initially concerned that the graphics might not survive the transition to a smaller device but it is easily the most played game on my iPod at this time. Clever humor, excellent graphics, and an almost non-existent learning curve combine to make this app a must have for anyone who is serious about portable gaming.

Civilization Revolution: Sid Meier is single handedly responsible for stealing large portions of my days and now that one of his games has made the move to iOS, he will be responsible for much more. Surprisingly, this port is very well done and suffers very little from the move to a touch screen. The help file is actually helpful and the classic gameplay is present in its full glory. I find myself devoting roughly 30 minutes a day to this game thanks to a full save feature that allows me to pick up where I left off. Long and short play sessions are entirely possible and there is very little to prevent you from picking it up when you have some down time thanks to a relatively low learning curve. Viewing the tech tree to determine your scientific path is handled well and will allow you to choose your population’s path easily. Overall, this is one for anyone who enjoys turn based strategy games or has an itch to play some Side Meier’s Civilization on that long flight.

"We don't take kindly to yer kind in these parts..."

Zombieville: This side scrolling shooter caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to be so drawn in so quickly and so thoroughly. Reminiscent of old arcade shooters, Zombieville pits one of several characters against a zombie horde that gets progressively tougher as you try to escape from the doomed little town you find yourself in. Power ups are achieved via cash you collect from killing zombies and from inside houses you can enter along the way. Ammo is a commodity and you’ll find yourself sweating a bit when you see you’re almost out of shells for your shotgun. The game will pick up from whatever level you were on when you exited out if you have to cut a session short or just need to get to that next meeting. Definitely a good purchase if you like your zombie hunting on the small screen.


Angry Birds: I’m fairly certain that this game should be mandatory for anyone picking up an Android Phone or iPhone because it really is *that* good. You have pigs that are your enemies hiding out in hastily constructed buildings, some less stable than others, and you are armed with a slingshot and a variety of Angry Birds with which to level the little pigs’ homes. There’s a free version for those of you who are pinching pennies but this is one of those games that you want more of from the company that made it. This one is very BG friendly but you have to watch the time if you only have a few minutes as it can get addictive in a very short time frame.

Live Hold ‘em: I’m a bit of a poker fan. I’ve been hoping for a decent poker app for a long time and I may have found it with this one. Integrated chat and the ability to play with your Facebook friends would make this one a good purchase… except it’s free. Setting up your login will allow you to tie your game account to your FB account which will let you challenge your friends if you so choose. Play is smooth and well animated and players who drop out will fold their hand rather than forcing you to wait for them to reconnect. All in all, a very good way to blow 30 minutes if you enjoy Texas Hold ‘em.

Angry Birds are... angry.

Daily Sudoku: I have a fascination with Sudoku. It’s like a crossword without all those weird obscure words and forces you to think logically about the placement of numbers. There’s a ton of Sudoku apps out there that I have tried with varying results but this one is able to keep me coming back for more. The free version allows you to play one puzzle from each difficulty setting once per day and I’ve found that to be plenty to keep my attention in my random bits of free time. It also scores you based on how other people performed on that particular puzzle based on the time it took you to complete it. Even when I don’t care how well I do, I find it interesting to see my time compared to other players. The paid version has all of the same features but allows you to play as many puzzles as you like from each difficulty. It’s hands down my favorite of the Sudoku apps on either version.

So there’s my picks for each platform… So let’s hear what you folks are playing these days.

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