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E3: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure with Coin-Op TV’s Hailey Bright

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Here we have another one of Coin-Op TV’s installments of some E3 coverage with Hailey Bright (Busy Gamer’s Gamette of the Year 2009). Hailey talks with Toys For Bob’s executive producer Jeff Poffenbarger about Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. Check it out!

Thanks to Coin-Op TV for sharing this video from E3 with us, you can check out more of their E3 coverage here at

E3: Coin-Op Tv’s Hailey Bright and Prototype 2

Monday, June 6th, 2011

We get uber delighted when our past Gamettes are out covering gaming events, especially the major ones like this interview over at E3 this year in Los Angeles. Take a peek at Coin-Op Tv’s Hailey Bright (our Gamette of the Year 2009) interviewing Radical Entertainment’s Chris Ansell for Prototype 2. Good stuff, and keep your eye out for the return of the BG Crew at SDCC in July 2011. Pending court dates of course (just kidding, we’ve been good this year).

Thanks to Coin-Op TV for sharing this video from E3 with us, you can check out more of their E3 coverage here at

Merry Xmas from !

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

We had a blast working with all of you this year!

Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows whips his Wii back and forth

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Some of you might recognize the fact that we really like Andre “Black Nerd??? Meadows’ sense of humor. Hell, we even made him our very first Gamette of the Day back on April 1st. We know some of you might still hate us for that one so we’re going to make it up to you.

Andre has posted up his “Whip My Hair??? spoof on YouTube and it’s a comparison/review of the various motion controllers for each system set to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair??? and guest stars some of our favorite web folks including Hailey Bright, our 2009 Gamette of the Year. Take a look and a listen and if you like it, head on over to YouTube and show Andre some BG love… Or he’ll be back as our 2010 Gamette of the Year. You’ve been warned.

You can click here to get to the video on YouTube.

You can click here to get to Andre’s site.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

The Move Kinect Wii Review is written and performed by Andre “Black Nerd??? Meadows with appearances by the following awesome people:
“Keith Apicary” of Talking Classics
Rob Welkner & Hailey Bright of Coin-Op TV
Beau Ryan of RadNerd

Traycee King, Marisha Ray, Ryan Anderson of 8.13
Maxwell Glick

Katie Wilson

Gamette Hailey Bright lands in Lallywood!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Looks like our Gamette of the Year Hailey Bright found her way into Lallywood, a new comedy web series hosted by none other than Ken Lally of television’s Heroes, CSI Miami, Alias, and voice actor of Resident Evil 5. This awesome webisode 2, called ‘Hot Girls Who Game’ has Hailey and Ken talking nerd stuff in Hollywood, including Hailey’s favorite games, what she likes in men, some game voice acting she’s currently involved in, and she even turns the tables and pops a few questions off at Ken.

Take some time after watching this and visit Hailey over at, and be sure to keep up with her in the awesome Twitterverse.

Hailey Bright’s Official Gamette Profile

Relax – BG Goes to Hollywood

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Crutchboy, Gritskrieg, Hailey Bright, Rob Welkner & Timothy Danger - On the set of Coin-Op TV Live

This past Thursday, the BG Reckon Crew hopped on a plane and visited the City of Angels out in California and we were fortunate enough to visit the studios of and appear on Coin-Op TV for their first show of 2010. The trip had three purposes, the first being to present the lovely Hailey Bright with her title of 2009′s Gamette of the Year and the second was to appear on the show while doing so. The third was a little less business oriented and led to some bar hopping in Santa Monica with Rob Welkner and Hailey, the hosts of Coin-Op TV.

We presented Hailey with the trophy on Coin-Op’s live broadcast, their 326th episode, and their first show of the year after the holiday break. Rob and Hailey were gracious hosts and put up with the Reckon Crew’s antics during the broadcast while I fielded questions about the site and our plans for 2010. There was, of course, alcohol involved where the Crew was concerned but Rob was kind enough to make sure I didn’t look like a complete fool on the air.

Hailey Bright receives BusyGamer's Gamette of the Year Award

We were also pleased to make the acquaintance of Brian Gramo, the founder of and producer for the Coin-Op TV show and we want to thank the whole crew of Coin-Op for having us on the show and putting up with the pre-show heckling of Crutchboy and Timothy Danger while Rob prepped me to be on the air.

We had to do some touristy things while we were out west and managed to spend some time on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday even though the weather was a bit on the horrid side. But the sun did come out on Saturday and managed to make us forget about how cold and wet it had been while we took a second trip to Hollywood to partake in some of the sites that had been a bit less inviting while the sun was behind the clouds.

And while we were out and about, we managed to catch a movie at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and visit the tech savvy uWink Bistro in the Hollywood and Highland Center where we played games and made fun of one another’s scores before calling it a night. The rest of our time was spent taking in the lights of the Boulevard and snapping a pic or two of the Stars on the Walk of Fame. And dodging street performers dressed like Chucky from Child’s Play…

So if you missed the show on Thursday, you can catch it in its entirety here, complete with the interview I did during the show. I think I rocked but opinions may vary. And make sure you bookmark the Coin-Op TV site and TheStream.TV so you can always go back and check out future shows that don’t feature us. I know, disappointing, but you’ll survive, I’m sure.

So thanks again to Rob, Hailey, and Brian. We had a blast. Maybe one day we’ll see you guys out here in Texas…

Gritskrieg – End of Line

BusyGamer Invades Los Angeles!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

BG Reckon Crew - Crutchboy, Timothy Danger & Gritskrieg

They say you can take the boy out of Texas… But you can’t take Texas out of the boy. I guess we’ve been lucky the past two years to spread that little bit of Gospel all around the U.S… but there is one place the BusyGamer Crew hasn’t gone yet. So we’re fixing that this week.

I’m talking about the land of fame and excess. Movie stars and bad habits. Silicon chips and silicone… well y’know.

That’s right fiends, the Busygamer Crew is headed to L.A. for a little rest and relaxation, nerd networking, and of course, a little bit of what we do best… (it rhymes with “thinking??? but let’s face it I was never very good at that)

Hailey Bright - Gamette of the Year 2009

Of course, we do have a main mission. That is to put our beloved leader and bossman Amory ‘Gritskrieg’ Gritta on COIN-OP TV Thursday night. Oh that’s right… I didn’t stutter. Grits is going to be in the hot seat for one of the video game industry’s most popular interactive shows… What’s more… you can watch it and participate live while it happens. COIN-OP TV is much more than an internet show. It features a unique twist in which viewers can log in and participate with the shows by leaving live comments and questions in the chat room.

Grits will be talking about the website.. our lovely Gamettes, our mega cool Gamette of the Year contest, and of course will be awarding COIN-OP TV’s lovely co-host HAILEY BRIGHT the coveted GAMETTE OF THE YEAR title.

We are certainly excited to make the trip. LA is the epicenter for video game technology, gaming subculture, and home to countless other geek treasures (Not to mention some old school punk rock history). We can’t wait to make fools… er I mean represent Texas in a manner only gentlemen wearing the BusyGamer moniker can.

You can watch The BusyGamer Reckon Crew live on the broadcast of Coin-Op Tv here at 8PM PST / 10PM CST January 21 starring host Robert Welkner and Co-Host Hailey Bright. It’s live, it’s interactive, and you need to check this out! Send us some questions, we dare you.

Congratulations to Hailey Bright, Gamette of the Year ’09!!!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Hailey Bright Gamette of the Year 09

Well, it was a nail biter there for a while with Hailey Bright and Jessica V. trading the top spot in our Gamette of the Year contest over the past week but just as 2009 came to an end, there was a last minute rally. The support we’ve seen for these two fine ladies has been phenomenal and it’s a shame that we can’t crown them both as our Gamette of the Year. But the fans have spoken and it’s the lovely Hailey Bright who wins it all!

Hailey joined our Gamettes on January of 2009 and it didn’t take long for her to make an impression on our readers. As some of you may remember, IGN made her their “Babe of the Day” on January 5th to which we responded shortly thereafter that we had given her a whole month. Well, now she’s gone and managed to take the whole year!

Hailey Bright is currently the co-host of Coin-Op TV Live, a weekly talk show serving up the goods on the video game industry. Hailey also co-hosted the DirecTV show, Championship Gaming Series, and can be spotted on the red carpet at gaming events such as Spike TV’s VGAs. Amid her busy schedule, Hailey still manages to get in some time for her modeling and acting careers, gracing everything from the pages of Elle Magazine to ads for video games.

Hailey Bright and Coin-Op TV

For those of you who have not yet had the fortune of seeing the lovely Hailey Bright in action, you can watch her live on Thursday nights with host Rob Welkner on Coin-Op TV Live at 10pm CST or check out some of the previously recorded shows. If you check watch the live feed, you can ask questions in the chatroom Hailey monitors and relays to Rob during the show. Just don’t… ya know, ask creepy stuff. Freaks.

You can also catch up with Hailey’s latest adventures by checking out her Twitter, her MySpace, or her official, official page,

Be sure if you do visit to congratulate her on becoming our Gamette of the Year 2009!!!

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Hailey Bright on the set of Coin-Op TV Live

Congratulations, Hailey, from all of us here at!

PAX ’09 Coverage: Dungeon Fighter Online

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Dungeon Fighter Online makes your DPS bigger.

Dungeon Fighter Online makes your DPS bigger.

One of the our favorites at PAX ’09 was a game called Dungeon Fighter Online by Nexon America. And it wasn’t just because our friends from Coin-Op TV, Rob Welkner and Hailey Bright, were doing the presentations for the game. This is a relatively new concept for a game in North America and has the potential to be a new Busy Gamer favorite.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a side scrolling dungeon crawler with the flavor of an old school brawling game. Combining some of the favorite features of MMOs with the action of a brawler may not seem within the natural progression of online RPGs but DFO blends them together perfectly. Associate Producer Louis Reyes was kind enough to help us run through a dungeon and describe some of the key features of DFO that will set it apart from the existing MMOs.

The back story for DFO is simple and understated, allowing players to focus on the gameplay rather than the lore behind the adventures one will have in the world. An evil has come into the land called Arad, demons have taken residence in dungeons, and it’s up to you to help hold back the tide. There’s not going to be a whole lot here for people who like to learn the lore behind a game but plenty for those who want to play the game.

Gameplay is easy enough to pick up. Choose a character class, familiarize yourself with the controls, get into a dungeon and start kicking butt. For those who have been turned off by the complexity of learning an MMO but enjoy the RPG facets of a game, DFO may well be the place for you.

While the graphics may be 2D, there’s a very catching art style to them that are pleasing to the eye. Character models are well rendered, the beasties are appropriately intimidating, and the dungeon bosses can look downright scary.

The initial choices for character classes may seem limited at first (there’s 5 classes at first level) but as players level up their characters, they are offered the opportunity to choose from four sub-classes (three in the case of the priest, at least at the moment) which define their character as time goes on. An example would be the Slayer class. Using demonic powers and a sword to fight the baddies, at level 18 a Slayer can choose to become a Blade Master, a Soul Bender, a Berserker, or an Asura. Each of the subclasses offer a different set of abilities and powers to wreck the evil that’s come into the world and does so with flair.

Once you pick up the controls, you’ll find the means to start combos which can increase your “Style” rating as you travel through the dungeons of Arad. Aside from doing more damage to creatures, combos mean a higher style rating which in turn boosts the experience you gain from defeating a dungeon. Personally, I like the thought that defeating a boss in “style” means bigger rewards. Defeating a dungeon with a high enough rating may unlock a new difficulty for that dungeon so it’s in the players’ best interest to complete the dungeon with as high a rating as possible.

Play as a team or against one another. DFO doesn't care if you make your friends mad.

Play as a team or against one another. DFO doesn't care if you make your friends mad.

Dungeons can be explored in groups or solo. Running through a dungeon solo can be a bit dangerous and upon dying, players may have to restart the dungeon from scratch. Fortunately for those who want a bit of solo play, Nexon offers “tokens” which can be used to resurrect at the point of death allowing players to continue to hack their way through the dungeon.

Playing in groups allows for a mesh of character skills and powers and certain groupings may mean an easier means of defeating a dungeon. That isn’t to say that any particular combination of character classes is going to be a sure thing but as is true with any game, the more friends you have with you, the better your chances of survival.

And for those who want to engage in PvP, never fear, Nexon has you covered. Bouts can be set up among a group of friends or total strangers and in true brawler style, players duke it out old school. There’s a last man standing mode that’s sure to please the gamer looking to serve up some butt whoopings to his friend and family.

Dungeon Fighter Online will us the free to play model but will offer micro transactions which will allow players to purchase new outfits for their characters, additional resurrection tokens for those particularly rough dungeon runs, as well as other items of interest.

The Early Access Beta for DFO began yesterday, 9/15/09, and you can get a key at the Gamespot or at websites. So if you happen to see Gritskrieg the Slayer running around, say hi. I may even say hi back.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Thursday Night is Gamer Night on Coin-Op TV

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
Rob Welkner & Hailey Bright - Hosts of Coin-Op Tv Live

Rob Welkner & Hailey Bright - Hosts of Coin-Op Tv

Every Thursday night, we here in the Busygamer world turn off our Xboxes and fire up the desktops. Ironically, it’s not to hop onto a new MMO, but to check out what is happening in the world of gamer news and entertainment from our friends in Coin-Op TV land.

If you haven’t heard of this, let’s take the time to catch you up to speed. Coin-Op TV Live is an interactive live web TV show that features Hosts Rob Welkner, Busy Gamette Hailey Bright, TheStream.TV genius Brian Gramo, cool guests, and you.

Yeah you. Sitting there on your computer. The neatest feature of Coin-Op TV is that you have the option to log into the chatrooms and IM services and talk with other watchers and the hosts themselves.

Feel a little left out? Not to worry, you can catch archived shows on and if you even want to get more old school, you can now get Coin-Op TV’s “Best of” DVD’s. Volume 2 just hit this month. In honor of this, Coin-Op’s very own host/producer Rob Welkner took some time out to answer a few questions with us…

BG: How did the show start?
Rob:COIN-OP TV started in the summer of 2004. I was supposed to shoot a feature film and purchased camera equipment (Panasonic dvx100) and editing gear (Mac G5) to use for the movie. Unfortunately the money fell through and the people I was working with were complete flakes. I didn’t know what to do with all the gear I had but wanted to make something cheap that many people could see right away. I was a fan of shows on G4tv and the video game industry and had been going to E3 for a couple of years. It only seemed natural to start up a show about video games and talk about arcade and retro games. Back then everyone was still on dial-up modems and this was before the youtube boom. I did casting for a host and booked a trip to California Extreme in Aug 2004 where I met Walter Day and a ton of other good people willing to speak to me on camera.

BG: Has the show always been on
Rob:COIN-OP TV existed years before TheStream.TV network was launched by its founder Brian Gramo. Brian and I actually met when I hired him to help me on a location shoot for the show. At this point I had posted over 40 episodes to the internet as a video podcast show. Brian saw there was a fan-base to what I was doing, so when he launched his own live/interactive network he invited me to participate. When COIN-OP TV LIVE started as a weekly show – it was the first time I was in front of the camera on a regular basis. TheStream.TV launched with a handful of shows and my show is the second longest running show on the network.



BG: How has the show changed since its creation?
Rob:So much has changed since I started. My original business cards read ‘web-tv show tribute to retro and arcade gaming’. In the beginning I was all about arcade, pinball and old school gaming related things. Who had the highest score in Ms. Pac-Man? Who could get to the kill screen in Donkey Kong? Who designed the Star Wars arcade game? These were people I wanted to meet and interview. As exciting as I found these people out to be – I started to notice that the general public wasn’t as interested as I was. So I had to find ways to add new dimensions to the show and open up the door a little wider. I started doing interviews at the ‘I am 8-bit’ art shows (a tribute show by artists to retro gaming) we started going to the Anime Expo and other shows looking for fun and interesting people to interview. I still have a great love for pinball and arcade and will continue to interview or showcase that sort of thing with COIN-OP TV but it has become a broader show over the years. Also the biggest difference is that the show is live and interactive running about 45 minutes rather then short isolated edited video podcast clips. We describe COIN-OP TV LIVE as an Internet TV show on the video game industry, people and events.