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Crysis is going to rev up your console.

Thursday, June 11th, 2009


At last week’s E3, Electronic Arts announced that the popular PC game Crysis (which is known to put your graphics card to the test) would arrive in stores for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 as part of Crytek’s EA Partners program.

CEO Cevat Yerli explained “It’s a question of more than economics, at the end of the day we’re paying salaries and we all have to live, but that’s one side of this job. But most importantly and a bit more tangible to us are the families, the nephews, and sons who ask, ‘Why aren’t you going to consoles?’ It’s kind of like bothering people. We’ve been asked a lot in the last three or four years now, ‘When consoles? When consoles? When consoles?’ It was literally inevitable that we would bring it.”

“There was 2 to 3 years of technical research and development into consoles before development on Crysis 2 started,” Yerli said. “We had to make a technological breakthrough before we could commit to those quality bars. We had to make a technical base before we could get into great gameplay, story, settings, etc.”

General Manager David DeMartini said “It would be almost like a filmmaker making a film, but it doesn’t get to show on 2,000 screens,” DeMartini said. “You only get to show it on 600 screens, and Europe doesn’t get to see it. This is game making, and we’re trying to make money, but their creative souls is what they put into these products and to have other groups of the audience that can’t enjoy what they spent so long to create is frustrating.”

Crytek is still facing a number of obstacles before Crysis 2 launches, not the least of which will be taking full advantage of the hardware and features on three different platforms. Also neither of the two represenatives of Crytek would discuss specific differences between the PC and console versions of the game.

No official release date was noted for Crysis to hit consoles just yet – we’re guessing an early 2010.


-BG Crew