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Game Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 pummels in with a Busy Gamer 4

First Glance:
The next installment of Capcom and Marvel’s crossover fighting franchise.

Short Story:
The biggest names in the Marvel and Capcom universes join forces to stop Victor von Doom and Albert Wesker from destroying Earth with the help of the destructor of planets himself, Galactus.

The Score:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3, for the most part, is a fast game to play through. The arcade mode is only 7-8 stages long, and those stages only consist of winning a fight. Most of your time will be consumed by beating the game with every character to unlock everything and playing online. For the Busy Gamer, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds gets a 4.

Body of Review:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is your classic 2D fighting game. It features 38 different Marvel and Capcom characters, each with their own set of unique moves and character models. Like the two previous MvC titles, the format is a three on three battle between two teams. First team to have all three members fall loses.

I really enjoyed playing this game. It features many of my favorite Marvel comics characters, as well as characters that I remember playing as a child and also some characters that I don’t know from the Capcom universe. Visually, it’s a stunning game to look at. The graphics are similar to that of Street Fighter 4 but since there are the added comic book characters, there’s a little bit of comic book added to it, which is a nice touch to me. The fighting system is similar to the two previous entries, which is the same fighting system from Street Fighter 4, the same advanced fighting system and gameplay from the Street Fighter Alpha series. Complete with its signature over the top charged and team attacks, which are visually stunning depending on the team of characters that you choose.

Now with more Wesker goodness!

Each character is designed to the T, and each features their own unique fighting stance, moves, special moves, voices, and post battle celebration. My character of choice is Deadpool. I’ve recently grown to love the character of Deadpool and his character in the game is everything that Deadpool fans wanted Ryan Reynolds to be in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (keeping my fingers crossed for the actual Deadpool movie); a wise cracking, sword swinging, gun firing psychopath.
First of all, his “fighting stance” is just Deadpool bouncing up and down swinging his arms back and forth. He approaches his enemy by doing a Travolta style Saturday Night Fever strut, and moves away by simply moonwalking away from his opponent. For those who do not know the character of Deadpool, this is utterly his style. What he says is quite humorous as well. While most other characters will give a grunt while doing an attack, Deadpool (who knows he’s in a comic or video game at all times) prefers to yell out things like “Chimichangas!” or “Hot Dogs!” when he does an attack. My favorite is when he uses a special attack that requires him to just fire his guns at his opponent. Deadpool simply yells, “BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!”

My team of choice: Deadpool, Dante from Devil May Cry (who is Capcom’s answer to Deadpool in my opinion), and Iron Man. I suggest this team because they are a bit of a powerhouse combo. Deadpool’s attacks are fast and painful, Dante is a beast and can hit you a barrage of sword, magic, and firearm attacks, and Iron Man’s crossover attack deals a huge amount of damage. The three make a pretty solid team.

The arcade mode is pretty straight forward, choose your team, fight 7 other teams, then fight Dr. Doom and Albert Wesker, and finally, Galactus in a battle to save Earth. For the most part, the battles leading up to the final stage are pretty easy. It’s fighting Doom and Wesker that sucks because normally, team members will do assisted attacks and the assisting teammate will attack and then run back. In the Wesker/Doom fight, you’re pretty much fighting both characters at the same time. Luckily, they share one health bar.

"Shoryuken this!"

What makes this fight nearly impossible to win on any other difficulty besides Very Easy, is that after you lose one of your three fighters taking care of Doom and Wesker (which you probably will, but I suck at fighting games) you have to take on Galactus, who deals massive damage with every attack and is a colossal enemy to fight. I’ve only been able to beat the arcade mode on the Very Easy difficulty, but like I said, I suck at fighting games big time.

Along with the Arcade mode, you can play online (which I wouldn’t suggest doing unless you play fighting games 24/7 or else you’ll get destroyed). The game also features a Mission section. Basically, this is a tutorial for every character in the game so that you can get used to their moves and combos. It gets pretty ridiculous because it’ll get to the point to where you will have to string together a 5 hit combo and finish it off with a special attack. It can be difficult to say the least.

All in all, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is your classic 2D fighter. The added plus is that you get to play as your favorite Marvel and Capcom characters. For me being a comic nerd, especially Marvel comics, I’ve always enjoyed playing the MvC series.

Until next time Busy Gamers, Happy Gaming!


How I Learned To Snicker In A Movie Theater… Wolverine

Monday, May 4th, 2009

You won't see this Deadpool, not yet anyhow.

You won't see this Deadpool, not yet anyhow.

If there was anything that was going to bring me out of my little hiatus from writing, it was probably going to be a comic book movie, and folks… I guess I waited for the right one to spew about.

The movie of course, is “XMEN ORIGINS: Wolverine” which is a bad sign because that is 20th Century Fox’s way of saying “We can always make more America!”

I probably could have gone to see this at the midnight premeire Thursday night, but I really didn’t want to because quite honestly, most Wolverine fans have the fashion sense of an overweight Brett Micheals and frankly the only bad mutton chops, cowboy boots and hats I can stand are from the leading character here.

Why the dislike for the clawed one? Why not? Someone around here has to play the devil’s advocate, and it just seems like every 15 to 40 year old virgin who still think Dogg the Bounty Hunter is cool just can’t let this character go….

So here’s a shocker for you… Wolverine is the Britney Spears of superheroes. He’s overrated. He has a crappy origin that wasn’t even explained until the 90′s and it wasn’t because Marvel comics was holding onto some big important origin, it was because they just didn’t have one, they created a viseral looking character who was Stone Cold Steve Austin before Steve Austin was… Case in point, they broke comic book character law by not making a real origin for him… later they added on this Weapon X bullsh** so we would all think he is some great tortured character and blah blah blah. And then they made a movie of it.

He heals. (Great) He has claws (Great) and he’s indestructable (Great)… He’s every 13 year old who ever got beat up in school’s wet dream. Which leads me to believe there was a lot of you kids getting beat up in school, because why this guy is the number one hero of all time is beyond me.

But hey… I’m a comic guy. I’ve read these books. It’s my schtick. So my question to the movie makers is… If a guy who thinks Wolverine is a word that rhymes with Budussy can stop and read the Wolvie and Xmen comics… why can’t the movie people stop and read Xmen comics? I mean did any of you decide to crack open a book just slightly?

Of course Rob Liefield has been loving the movie on twitter. I’m sure it’s because he co created the Deadpool character and is probably getting great royalties off of it, but if I was him, I would be pissed off at how bad they EFFED up Wade Wilson  AKA Deadpool. I’d be mad at half the things they messed up, I mean without giving much away, it’s almost as bad as making Galactus a cloud in the Silver Surfer disaster. (Oh we didn’t forget about you FF!)

So in short (and you will notice that this movie isn’t much discussed because frankly there are other sites out there to tell you the damn plot) I’ll tell you what this is good for…

Good for:

Chilling out for 2 hours

Getting your denim on

Seeing the same fight over and over (Wolverine: “I’m going to kill you! ROAR!” charges at opponent, gets knocked down, repeat)

Not Good For:

Deep Thought

Expecting another Iron Man or Dark Knight

Deadpool fans (unless your name rhymes with Seinfeld and you like people runining your character)

-Timothy Danger /