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Microsoft and it’s Zune HD

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Microsoft's Zune HD

Microsoft's Zune HD

(Yahoo) – Confirming weeks of speculation, Microsoft has officially announced the Zune HD. The specs (a 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen, the ability to output in HD, an HD Radio receiver, a full-screen web browser and built-in Wi-Fi) are pretty impressive, but perhaps the most exciting tidbit is that the Zune marketplace will be fully integrated into Xbox and Xbox Live as a replacement for the current Live video service.

That’s a huge step for Microsoft, who until now have oddly kept the Zune and Xbox brands on opposite side of the room. With one move, they’ll be exposing the Zune to about 17 million customers who are already using a piece of Microsoft hardware. Moreover, those 17 million are also gamers, and the Zune HD’s combination of touchscreen capability, Wi-Fi access and robust marketplace seems the perfect recipe for a move into the handheld gaming space.

Microsoft seems to feel the same way. In an interview with Develop, Chris Stephenson, GM of consumer marketing for the TV, Video and Music Business at Microsoft, all but confirmed that gaming is definitely on the agenda.

“Gaming is a big opportunity for us,” he said. “We’re not announcing the specifics around our gaming plans for Zune HD right now, but it is definitely an area that we have done some work in…there is clearly a great opportunity for us to be a major player in that market.”

The Zune could certainly use a boost. Sales of the system have waned in recent months, and as Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch continues to gain traction as a legit all-in-one entertainment device, the Zune has been looking more and more like a somewhat stale, expendable piece of hardware.

To counter that, Microsoft will be including the system in its presentation at next week’s E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, noting that “attendees will see firsthand how Zune integrates into Xbox LIVE to create a game-changing entertainment experience.”

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Put out an APB for this MMO.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

All Points Bulletin (APB), the upcoming crime-based MMO from Realtime Worlds, will be showing at E3 this year. Players will choose between cops and gangs engaged with never ending street battles and gang wars. This is a newer, or rather rarely visited MMO genre set away from elves, magic and the banging of swords and shields. We’re thinking of more like Grand Theft Auto gone wild.

From Realtime’s blog:
“Hi everyone at APB-Evolved, we just wanted to quickly say thanks for all your patience recently whilst we’ve been quietly pushing forward with the development of APB. We know this can be frustrating for fans, so to show our appreciation we have decided to inform you guys that yes we WILL be at E3 this year and this will mark the start of lots more news, activities and information coming out about APB: All Points Bulletin. Here is a brand new screenshot made especially for you guys to give you another look at the awesome character customizations that will make up a large part of APB. See you all at E3. Realtime Worlds”

The game is definitely coming to PCs, but versions for both the PS3 and 360 are still not out of the question. It would be good to see a new type of Massive RPG online that would give players a fix on storming buildings and running from the fuzz instead of the all so popular ‘getting ganked at the summoning stone’. That actually sounded dirty.


E3 says “swine flu, swine schmoo”.

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Sony PSP2 concept design, sure looks 'transformy'.

Sony PSP2 concept design, sure looks 'transformy'.

(Gamespot) – Unless it’s derailed by a zombie uprising straight out of Resident Evil 5, next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo looks like a go. Today, the big three console makers reiterated their support for the event, which is looking to recreate the spectacle of E3s past with booth babes, 150-plus exhibitors, and over 40,000 estimates attendees. Reps from its organizing body, the Entertainment Software Association, have publicly promised that not even the prospect of a swine flu pandemic is slowing down its preparations.

Besides the show floor, E3 is best known for being the site of numerous game announcements. So far, only a few game companies have dropped hints of what’s in store. In recent interviews with GameSpot id software’s Todd Hollenshead promised several “surprises” and Sony Computer Entertainment’s John Koller said there would be major PSP news–rumored to be a new, UMD-drive-free version of the handheld.

Now, shortly after showing its wares at the Captivate 2009 press event, Capcom has revealed it too will have some new games to show off at E3. In a Twitter post this week, staffers from the Capcom Unity community site said that at least a pair of new titles would be revealed at the convention, which kicks off June 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.