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Fable III, coin purses included

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Fable III for Xbox 360 and PC appears to be quite generous on the prostitutes that will be roaming the towns, male and female, as depicted here in 2 pages of the new Fable III artbook.

The Art of Fable III book will contain images of uniforms, posters, characters and enviroments featured in the game. And maybe a few coin purses here and there. Yep we said it. I was wondering how much ‘play-style’ from Fable II would be incorperated in the third installment of the series, and judging by the pics I’d say that you will still be prompted to use ‘protection’ upon every endeavor.

And we always need that in our fantasy life too right? Of course. And need a bigger pic for your desktop – click away pervo.

Village Maker & Fable 3

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

(Gamespot) – Lionhead Studios launched the Villager Maker, a Web-based tool aimed at encouraging gamers to preorder Fable III by allowing them to create a character and have him or her imported into the full game.

The Villager Maker tool launched today on in the United States and United Kingdom. The Web-based Silverlight application lets excited Fable gamers create a character and design not only his or her physical attributes, but also the person’s backstory and decision-making thought process.

The tool is free and available to anyone, but those who wish to have their character imported into Fable III need to preorder the game. For those who reserve it, the created character will appear in the title as a quest-giving character who will deliver a task as well as 1,000 gold (Fable III’s in-game currency). Those looking only to tinker around with the software can share their creations on social media hubs Twitter and Facebook and can also download an image of their character for use as a desktop background.

Fable III is the third chapter in the Fable franchise. Developed by Lionhead Studios, the game is due out on the Xbox 360 October 26. Unlike its predecessors, it will cast players as the king or queen of Albion, tasking them with commanding their realm, keeping peace, waging war, and enjoying the game’s 47 hours of dialogue.

A glimpse into the future of Fable 2

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

'See The Future' hits XBL May 12

'See The Future' hits XBL May 12

“See the Future” of “Fable II” Exclusively Through Xbox LIVE Marketplace on May 12

(Press Release) – Enter Lionhead Studios’ world of whimsy to catch a glimpse of the new adventures that await the heroes of “Fable II” in the much anticipated second Game Add-on, “See the Future,” which will be available May 12 on Xbox LIVE. In this latest behind-the-scenes diary episode, the team chats about the continued storyline, wacky characters and design choices for “See the Future,” including the creation of 250 fun Achievement points and a trip down memory lane to the original “Fable.”

“See the Future” returns to the beloved world of Albion, where a set of cursed items from Murgo the Trader unleashes new challenges for players to overcome, including encounters with kooky ghost hobbes, bloodcurdling necromancers, a cursed knight and the Coliseum, where only the greatest heroes will emerge victorious to claim the ultimate prize. Of course, what would travel be without a trusty companion? The “Fable II” dog returns with three alter egos to guide players on their quests to see the future, in the form of a Dalmatian, Bloodhound or Husky.

In addition to fantastical new quests, creatures, characters, events and legendary artifacts, “See the Future” also offers free unique items to all, including a unique soldier helmet, braided ponytail hairstyle, psycho Jester make-up, a new hero expression, the back flip trick for canine companions, and a collectible Murgo the Trader gold statue.

As an added bonus, all Xbox LIVE Silver account members are invited to join in on the adventurous LIVE co-op festivities during the Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend for free! Created specifically for “Fable II” fans, this Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend will be accessible in all LIVE-enabled regions where “Fable II” is available, starting May 8 at 12:01 p.m. EST, and concluding on May 11 at 11:59 a.m. EST.

Albion expands in May! More for Fable II.

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Even a new expression, like maybe STFU? Ha.

Even a new expression, like maybe STFU? Ha.

“See the Future” of Albion With the Much Anticipated Second Game Add-on for “Fable II”

(Lionhead Press Release) -The future of Albion awaits discovery. In the latest game add-on for “Fable II,” the award-winning role-playing game that has sold more than 2.6 million copies worldwide, players will encounter challenges unlike anything a hero has faced before. Available in May exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Microsoft and Lionhead Studios keep the “Fable II” adventures going in “See the Future,” an action-packed journey that requires players to lift the curses placed on three mysterious items that have come into the possession of Murgo the Trader.

In “See the Future,” players will be given the chance to heed the call for a hero to restore color and balance to the world, or let Albion fall to the wayside. Those who emerge victorious will receive the ultimate reward: a quest that provides a vision of Albion’s future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline. The fantastical new quests in “See the Future” will bring players face-to-face with new characters, creatures, events and legendary artifacts, including:

Murgo: Having first met him during the childhood sequence of “Fable II,” Murgo returns to Bowerstone Market to bring an amazing array of new wares, including potions that can transform canine companions into new breeds.

The Ghosts of the Snowglobe Quest: Holding a disturbing secret, the small model village inside it was once a real town in Albion. The people who once inhabited it are now ghosts condemned to endless torment until the shadowy threat that cursed them is defeated.

The Cursed Knight Quest: Forever banished to a land beyond the dead, the Cursed Knight awaits a hero who has the strength and will to dress up in convincing costumes, even imitating a hobbe or balverine, to save him from his fate.

The Colosseum: The Colosseum puts even the Crucible to shame. Only the greatest heroes have triumphed here. Players’ abilities will be put to the test to prove themselves in combat once and for all, to win the ultimate in prizes.

In addition, “See the Future” offers free unique items* to all, including Welley’s soldier helmet and other clothing, a braided ponytail and other hairstyles, psycho Jester make-up, a new hero expression, the back flip trick for canine companions, and a collectible Murgo the Trader gold statue.

The “Fable II” “See the Future” game add-on will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in May for 560 MS Points for the premium content package. “Fable II” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 and is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB and PEGI 16 +.

Fable 2

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Fable 2 - Busy Gamer Rating 2

Fable 2 - Busy Gamer Rating 2

First Glance:
A boy, or girl as the case might be, and a dog explore the land of Albion. Moral choices not only affect how people react to you but your appearance as well. Who’s up for burning down some orphanages? I need my horns.

The Short Story:
Fable brought us a game with an unusual take on how our choices affect the world around our character. Fable II is more of the same with a longer story line, the inclusion of multiplayer, and some minor changes that make a substantial difference between this title and the original.

The Score:
Much like the first title, the length of the game and time commitments would rate this game our lowest score. But a much improved quest log, a quest trail marker, and the multiplayer feature save it from the onesies. Barely. Fable II receives a Busy Gamer 2.

Body of review:
There’s a lot to do in Albion. Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios made sure of that. There’s a ton of quests to do, plenty of loot to pillage, villages to ransack, townspeople to offer up to the Dark Gods… Oh, you’re playing a goodie? I suppose that could be fun, too. Maybe.

Seriously though, the world of Albion is considerably larger this time out and a bit more free form. You can run off the beaten path in most places allowing you a much more expansive world to explore. And for each place you find, there’s generally a quest to go along with it. And you get to do it all with your new best friend, a dog your character picks up as a child.

Your dog will sniff out treasures for you, some of dubious worth, and help you in combat. He growls when enemies are near and protects you to the best of his abilities. He plays fetch, does tricks, and as your appearance changes because of your moral choices, so does his. Choose to be virtuous and good hearted and your dog’s coat turns gold and he practically glows with the good karma you’re spreading. Choose to be a black hearted villain and your dog’s coat grows black and his nature becomes more feral.

As for you, the choices you make influence how people view you and actually begin to reflect in your appearance. Good, you get a halo and give off an almost golden haze and most of the people you meet instantly like you. Evil, you grow horns and develop halitosis… or something. At any rate, people won’t like you much when they first meet you if you have an evil reputation.

Also affecting your appearance is the three skill sets your abilities are divided into. Invest heavily in the Strength tree and your character becomes more muscular. Investing in the Skill (agility) tree increases your characters height while increasing your Will (magic) tree will soon have your characters veins glowing with power.

There are no levels. Experience is handled based on what ability you used to kill a creature and falls into one of four categories; Strength, Skill, Will, and General. As the names imply, three of the experience pools must be used to increase the abilities in direct relation while General experience can be used in any of the three. In this sense, you are not locked in to one type of character.

There’s very little you can’t do in this game. You can get married, have children, cheat on your spouse, get divorced… You can gamble, compete in an arena, get drunk and commit indecent acts in public. If you chose to forego the adventuring part of the game, there would still be a plethora of things to do to hold your attention.

You can purchase property, effectively becoming a slumlord or the kind hearted land lord depending entirely on how you set the rent on the buildings. Buying existing businesses like a shop or blacksmith allows you to change the amount of markup on your prices as well. Unsurprisingly, hiking the prices or the rent on a purchased building can affect which way your karma is heading.

One of the new features in Fable II is the ability to team up with a friend for some co-operative play. Unfortunately, the co-op lacks in some areas. While you can help your friend with any quest and garner experience and gold while visiting their campaign that will follow you back to your campaign, you appear as a nameless mercenary to merely tag along on the adventures. Your character skills carry over to the host’s game but none of your items make the transition either way.

Then there’s the inability to move the camera while playing multiplayer. Neither host nor visiting player can manipulate the camera to change the view which means a static view in most of the areas you visit. This can make it difficult in some cases to keep track of enemies off screen and sometimes mean missing the various treasure chests scattered through the land.

While one could conceivably complete the game in a very short amount of time, there’s very little point in doing so. The content of the game will be the draw for most players and simply rushing to the end would be a waste. Unfortunately, there’s just too much here for the Busy Gamer who wants their money’s worth. And the co-op isn’t polished enough (yet) to warrant a higher score.

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