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Meet our April Gamette, Lily

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Meet our April Gamette, Lily!

We’re not the type of guys to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. We might make some recommendations about what games to play or what movies you might want to watch but we’d certainly never tell you specifically to do something.

We’re changing that policy right now.

We’re going to say that if you run across a woman who loves to WoW, dress up as a rogue in tight leathers,  has a healthy appetite for “teh sex???, watches sci-fi, and digs you, you latch on like a mynock on a high voltage power cable and you hold on tight. Seriously. If we find out you had a shot at a girl like that and you blew it, we’ll make a special trip to visit you and Crutchboy will punch you in the throat while you sleep.

Fortunately for you, we happen to know such a woman exists. We’ve talked to her and everything. Unfortunately, she’s taken which means her husband won’t be getting throat punched in his sleep by the Reckon Crew. See, he has the girl and he can sleep soundly at night. Take notes.

This is Lily, our April Gamette. Check out her videos on YouTube when you’re done partaking of her awesome pictorial and interview.

Let’s just go ahead and get this one out of the way… We noticed that you called some of your photos “Nelf” shots. We’re certain that was a typo so we went ahead corrected it to “Belf”. You’re okay with that, right? RIGHT?!
Lol. Well, it does seem that the majority of WoW entertainers are Horde. There seems to be very little representation for us Allies. I started out Alliance, and the majority of my toons are Allies, but I wanted to see what Hordies were like and have been playing a Troll Shaman lately. When I pvp on my Ally toons, I hate Hordies, but I assure you that when I am on my troll, I am hating those damn Allies.

Okay, so maybe you’re not okay with that. So why would you break our heart and play Alliance?
I had been going through a really hard time in my life. I was working way too hard, grumpy, and basically kinda hating life when one day “imma Be” came on the radio and I thought of “Imma Tree” for a wow parody. I decided I needed more fun in my life and I wanted to do something crazy and silly. So I decided, “What the Hell, I’m gonna do it”. I had so much fun making that video I just kept on going. I am still learning how to do all the things I want, but it has been one fun trip, lol.

Read the full interview & see the complete pictorial with Lily here!

Need a Sci-Fix? Check these out!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Anybody unfortunate enough to be on my Xbox Live Friends list can see I watch a lot of Netflix. A *lot* of Netflix. Recently I’ve been jonesing for some decent Sci-Fi and I found a few shows/movies some people may not be aware of and well, I feel like sharing. That’s just the kind of person I am, a giver. So, in no particular order, here’s a list of the five Sci-Fi (-ish in some cases) shows/movies I recommend. And yes, they’re available via streaming.


Farscape: If you never got the opportunity to watch Farscape when it was on Sci-Fi, you missed out. Enough action to keep you on your toes, excellent story lines and acting, and so very convincing puppetry by the man himself, Jim Henson. Farscape was unfortunate enough to be a casualty of the typical Sy-Fy (hate that name) thinking that even though it might be the network’s top rated show, there has to be something better out there. Like B movies. Seriously, enough with the B movies.

Farscape is clever and quirky and I’d recommend it to anyone who has any love at all for the genre. All of the regular seasons are available on Netflix via streaming so it’s a time investment if you’re going to watch it beginning to end.

Earth 2: There’s only two seasons of this show available because… there’s only two seasons. Set in the not two distant future, Earth 2 chronicles the adventures of a group of settlers who have fled Earth and its spacestations due to sickness and overpopulation. There’s just enough tech to make it science fiction but it’s the characters who carry the show.

Earth 2

There’s just enough here to make you want more, a lot more, but unfortunately the series was cancelled before it had a chance to thrive. It began in 1994 which, some of you will remember was the time period when many science fiction series weren’t given the opportunity to make it on their own. It also means the graphics can be a bit cheesy at times but the landscape and actors are worth watching.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles: The animated series, Robotech, may very well rate on my personal top 10 shows of all times. The art style is beautiful, even now after 25 years later, and who doesn’t want to fly around in a jet that can turn into a giant robot and shoot at aliens?  The third “story” in the series was cut a little short and left the series in a lurch. Fortunately, The Shadow Chronicles was made to tie up some loose ends… and apparently start a whole new story arc.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Part of the beauty of this movie is that many of the original voice actors from the series returned to lend their voices to this story. Hearing some of the people who were such a big part of the original show was a pleasure. Unfortunately, there are one or two bad apples who tend to make certain scenes less enjoyable with some less than stellar performances. Another thing I didn’t enjoy was seeing the scenes move from the beautiful art I’ve come to think of as being Robotech to computer generated graphics for the dogfight scenes. They seemed less… fluid and that was a true tragedy since the original dogfights were very artistic. If you haven’t seen the series, you may want to take a pass on this one.

Justice League: The New Frontier: Okay, so there’s two animated movies on this list, sue me. This is old school DC with modern artwork and one of the best story lines in the DC cartoon movies. Beginning in the Korean War, The New Frontier follows the lives of the most famous heroes in the DC Universe and how they are coping with the fallout of the McCarthy trials, the disbanding of The Justice Society due to the trials, and the general distrust by the population of Earth of any hero unwilling to expose his secret identity. And before you say it sounds kind of like Watchmen, keep in mind that this story is fairly old.

We see the birth of Green Lantern and the Martian Hunter and see how the trademark heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are dealing with the world at large since the government began to unmask heroes. Voiced by some very big names and illustrated in the DC square jawed fashion I’ve come to enjoy, this was easily one of the best animated movies I have seen in a long time.


Torchwood: I’ll just go ahead and give you a warning about this one… It’s British, it’s a spin off of the popular Doctor Who series, and the main character kisses pretty much everyone in the show at least once. If you have trouble with any of those, pass this one by.

Set in Cardiff, UK, the series follows the exploits of a group of “investigators” who call themselves Torchwood. Led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness, each week finds the heroes battling aliens, investigating legends that turn out to be partially true in some form or fashion, or dealing with alien artifacts and their inevitable badness. Think X-Files meets Buffy meets The Avengers (the British show, not the super hero group).

It’s an unusual show and the accents may be enough to turn off some American viewers. The plus is that the character Captain Harkness and the actor that plays him is American so you can at least understand him… Most of the time. It can be a bit much if you were never into or never saw the Doctor Who series but it is does fine as a stand alone series.

There’s my list. You can take it or leave it. And I’m certain there are people out there who would love to disagree that the movies/shows on this list are good Sci-Fi but I’m the one who put the list together, so there. Make your own list if you don’t like it.

In the meantime, I have an episode of Farscape to watch.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Sci-Fi Channel? More like the Why-Try Channel…

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
"I can has tv series?" No, Mr. Cylon, no you can't.

"I can has tv series?" No, Mr. Cylon, no you can't.

I’ve noticed a seriously disturbing trend on the Sci-Fi channel over the past few years…

It involves taking original series with serious talent and trading it out for some low end, low budget, low brow trash. Remember a few years back when there was no wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel? Seriously. Wrestling on Sci-Fi?  Who’s smoking what and where do I get some?

We have shows like Farscape, The Invisible Man, Stargate Atlantis, and the most recent casualty, Battlestar Galactica. These were all great shows with some serious fanbases behind them, each with its own potential. Granted, the creators of BSG have always said there was an ending to the series in the mix but if the last half season was an indication, they’re having to rush it now with Sci-Fi breathing down their necks to close out the series.

And there’s more reality shows on the way on Sci-Fi, the only one of which I’m interested in is Ultimate Gamer. Partly because Starslay3r, a recent addition to our Gamettes, is in it, partly because it looks like they’re going to make geeks exercise. That’s always worth a watch. But the rest… Chase? You’re going to put some webcams on the “bad guys” heads and have them chase people who are essentially jogging for dollars? Are you at least going to give the bad guys some baseball bats or is this like a high tech game of freeze tag? And the other one, Estate of Panic? I think I saw this one a long time ago. It was called Fear Factor.

And lest we forget the money they spend on bad Sci-Fi movies.  Movies so bad, they need a new alphabet to score them because they’re too far down to be “B” movies.  Where do they come up with the crap for those movies? Solar flares and killer mosquitoes. Sounds like a fun Saturday lineup. I dare you to find one science fiction fan who will admit to watching more than one of these things.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s still some good stuff on Sci-Fi but it seems lately like more of the good stuff is getting cancelled in favor of the bad stuff. And a large portion of the recent good stuff comes from other channels. Or other countries. I’m looking at you, Doctor.

Honestly, too many more wrestling and reality shows and we’ll have to have a Sci-Fi Too channel just for the bad Saturday movies.


Gritskrieg – End of Line