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Combat Arms: Billions of explosives served

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
Yeah...Blow shit up!

Yeah...Blow shit up!

(Press Release) – Nexon America’s FPS Combat Arms is about more than just shooting at other players, it’s also about blowing them up. And Combat Arms players have tried their best to blow up anyone in their path, throwing 1.5 billion hand grenades since the game launch in 2008.

“Our players seem to be taking to heart that ‘close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades’ with the amount of bombs thrown,” said Combat Arms producer Graham Kays. “Sometimes, it’s the perfect throw, other times it is magnificent timing and for some of us, it’s just dumb luck. Regardless, fragging with grenades is always a good time.”

In fact, nearly 240 million times, players have been close enough to those grenades to be blown to bits. That’s an impressive percentage of the more than four billion players killed while playing Combat Arms.

Grenades are varied and plentiful in Combat Arms, as players can select from six different varieties. The standard M67 is always handy when trying to blow somebody up. Players can also upgrade to the M67 two pack, which allows for two to be carried. The M69HE Frag packs a stronger wallop for those times when multiple kills are needed. While others like to cause a slow burning death with M-23F incendiary grenade or G7A gas grenade. For players who choose to use grenades as a source of surprise, the M18 smoke grenade creates a thick fog to confuse the enemy or hide your movements. The XM-84 flash grenade is the perfect way to blind your foes before defeating them with a machine gun or melee weapon.

For more details on the free-to-play Combat Arms and its variety of deadly weapons, go to:

Racing games incite aggression, study shows.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

(EuroGamer) – A pair of scientists from Huddersfield University have discovered that racing games cause more agitation and aggression in players than shooters.

Rather than using their time to find a cure for cancer or an alternative source of renewable energy, Dr Simon Goodson and Sarah Pearson monitored 30 people as they played three Xbox 360 games – Project Gotham Racing, an unnamed first-person shooter and “a 3D table tennis game”.

Physical changes to the players’ heart rate, breathing and so on were monitored, along with their mental responses such as aggresssion before and after the gaming session.

The scientists found that PGR caused the greatest change in heart rate and brain activity, while the FPS caused the smallest change.

“Previous researchers have made sweeping generalisations about the nature of videogames. This study is one of the first to use one of the latest games consoles that have a much higher level of realism,” said the boffins.

“Surprisingly the results showed that the driving game made participants more agitated and aggressive than the game with graphic violence. Given the high levels of realism in modern games a re-evaluation of the relationship between videogames and violence is needed.”

Goodson and Pearson’s findings will be revealed at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, which begins today at Brighton’s Holiday Inn. Might pop down.

Check out the conference programme for the full rundown. We’re particularly looking forward to the talk by P. Chassy of the University of Toulouse: “The purpose of the study was to quantify the mistakes that chess players of various levels of expertise make in ecological situations. The quality of 311,722 moves made by 8,000 chess players was assessed.”