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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage Leaked

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Software development company “Free Radicals”, previously associated with Lucasarts, apparently went bankrupt during the play-testing of an ‘unnamed’ project which appears to be Star Wars : Battlefront III. Upon the company’s closure, a video has leaked out depicting game play of the new under going Star Wars project (featured above).

The video shows footage of lightsaber duels, force powers, aerial combat, well choreographed cut scenes, and multiple views of a first/third person shooter style game. A lot of familiar characters are shown as playable, even the annoying Jar Jar Binks and an Ewok (Ooh my).

According to, the status of Star Wars Battlefront III is unclear. Unconfirmed reports have it being taken over by Rebellion Software, maker of Star Wars Battlefront : Renegade Squadron for the PSP.

Either way, I pray to the Gods above that it is much more enjoyable than the most anticipated ‘Star Wars : Force Unleashed’. Which was more equivalent to a force unleashed from someones butt. Yeah I just said that.

-Crutchboy Out